Stihl FSA 120 R Brushcutter

stihl fsa 120 r brushcutter

Even though Stihl is something of an icon in the world of gas equipment, they’ve been doing an excellent job of producing battery-powered gear. Of course, this should come as no surprise to anyone. Overall, their standards are impeccable, as are their tools’ features and performance. A case in point is the Stihl FSA 120 R brushcutter.

Let’s take a look at what this commercial-grade beast has got. Afterward, you can decide whether it measures up to our claims.

Stihl FSA 120 R Features

Admittedly, it doesn’t take much to get us excited about Stihl’s products. However, we must say that they had a heck of a booth at this year’s Equip Expo. Indeed, we have plenty of coverage on what we saw in the works. In the meantime, we currently have the FSA 120 R in our shop. And while you await our forthcoming hands-on review, we think a quick tour is in order.

stihl 36v fsa 120 r string trimmer

Starting with the heart of this brushcutter, Stihl stayed true to form by giving the FSA 120 R a high-performance brushless motor fed by a 36V AP System battery.


  • Model: Stihl FSA 120 R
  • Battery: 36V AP 300 S Lithium-ion
  • Brushless motor
  • Cutting swath: 15 in
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Weight: 14.99 lbs (w/ AP 300 S)

Now, we’ve taken plenty of their cordless gear into the field, including the FSAs. The AP packs are clean and quiet. Whether you like it or not, a number of states and municipalities have already kicked gas engines to the curb. If you’re looking for a commercial-grade replacement, this brushcutter warrants your attention.

According to Stihl, this model is 40% more powerful than its predecessor, the FSA 90 R, and they’ve designed it to get more done. For example, the 120 R is compatible with line head and grass cutting blades. Furthermore, you can expect to get runtimes of up to 40 minutes, which is impressive considering the power.

Stihl FSA 120 R Brushcutter Design

stihl battery powered trimmer

The 120 R’s design has pluses of its own.

For one, we like Stihl’s trigger lockout. In fact, we specifically highlighted this function in our review of the FS 70 R brushcutter. When you wrap your hand around the grip, the lockout engages naturally, compared to thumb-operated sliding designs that sometimes hang up or jam.

Moreover, Stihl kept visibility in mind with a deflector that blocks debris instead of your sight line.

Stihl 36V Brushcutter Price

This brushcutter sells bare for $350.

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