Altoz 2020 Mowers

Altoz Zero-Turn Mowers – Which One Do You Need?

Altoz Has a Fleet of Residential and Commercial ZTM Mowers Having reviewed the Altoz XC 610 Zi zero-turn mower and the Altoz TRX 660i zero-turn mower, we’re familiar with the brand. Altoz continues to announce additional models that expand its line of zero-turn mowers. With a variety of models, engines, deck widths, drive systems, features, […]

EFI for small engines

How Fuel Injection or EFI Works in Small Engines

EFI has become the automotive industry standard over the last 30 years. More recently, manufacturers of turf management equipment have started seeing the benefits of using EFI for small engines. Understanding how fuel injection or EFI works in small engines can help you decide whether to spend the additional money when selecting those engines for […]

Hiring a landscaper

How to Hire a Landscaper – 12 Things You Need to Know

Hiring a Landscaper Can Beautify Your Lawn, But Choose Carefully While some like to do their own landscaping, it can get challenging really fast. If you find yourself getting in over your head, knowing how to hire a landscaper can save you a lot of hassle. If you, like many homeowners, find yourself deciding to […]

Choosing a company name

Branding Your Business – How to Choose a Company Name and Brand

Knowing How to Choose a Company Name Can Raise or Lower the Value of Your Business Branding “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…” This oft-quoted line from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” highlights Juliet’s belief that someone’s quality matters more than what they’re called. While there’s undoubtedly some truth to that, a […]

Improving morale

Motivating a Team and Improving Morale

Fostering a Positive Workplace Culture Benefits Your Business in the Long Term These days, many businesses seem to suffer from high turnover rates. That makes it a good time to look around and take inventory of your employees and workers. Does your crew seems to approach the day with a “let’s just get this over […]

Landscaping Around a Septic System – What to Do and How

What to Plant Around a Septic Tank – And What NOT to More than likely, the area around your septic system is devoid of any large plants, patios, or other fixtures. After all, the prevailing and common wisdom is that you should really avoid both building and major landscaping around a septic system. As a […]

Review9.2(out of 10)
Husqvarna 525LS String Trimmer

Husqvarna 525LST String Trimmer Review

If you’ve checked in with us recently, you might know that we recently got the chance to test out the Best String Trimmers. We ran all of the products through a series of tests to see which ones presented the best power, fuel economy, ergonomics, feature sets, and value. The Husqvarna 525LST made our short list […]

Defensible Space

How to Protect Your Home from Wildfires

How to Landscape for Fire Resistance We don’t deal with too many wildfires here in Florida—which is odd considering we’re the lightning capital of the world. At least when you factor in the number of lightning strikes per square mile. If you live in an area prone to wildfires, however, you want your property as […]