how to prevent ticks

How to Prevent Ticks In Your Yard Through Landscaping

Tick-Proof Your Yard With These Preventative Measures Ticks suck. Literally. They’re stealthy carriers of infectious disease, and because they live off of blood, they put you, your family, and your pets at risk. But, with some preventative landscaping and general avoidance practices, you can lessen your chances of picking up Powassan disease, Babesiosis, and the […]

aerating your lawn

The Why’s and How’s of Aerating Your Lawn

You want your lawn to stay as green and beautiful as possible, which is why you take the time to water and fertilize. But, you might notice that, after time, you’re not seeing the desired results. It could be that your soil has compacted, keeping water and nutrients from penetrating into your grass’ root systems. […]

How to Patch Your Lawn - Adding Grass and Prepping Soil

How to Patch Your Lawn – Adding Grass and Prepping Soil

Patching Your Lawn is Easy with These Steps Perhaps the entirety of your lawn isn’t necessarily subject to various forms of abuse, but it’s likely that at least parts of it have seen better days. Standing water, drought, foot traffic, pets, heavy equipment usage, and any number of other scenarios can beat up sections of […]

Checking the Health of your trees

Checking the Health of Your Trees – Landscaping Tips

We love our trees. They provide shade, clean the air, increase our property values, and add some visual variety to the landscape. But, like anything else, trees have life cycles, and a dead or unhealthy tree can put the safety of you, your family, and your home at risk. A proactive approach to tree care […]

How High Should I cut My Grass?

What is the Ideal Height to Cut Grass?

Find the Ideal Cut Height for Your Grass You have a variety of factors that contribute to the overall beauty and health of your lawn. One of the simplest of those factors, but perhaps one of the most important, revolves around the height at which you cut your grass. So, what is the ideal height […]

Best Gas Mower Shootout01

Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips to Get Ready For Spring

Spring is almost here, and with it, the weekly opportunity to mow your grass. For those of us in the more tropical climates, the winter presents a mere “short pause” in our efforts to keep the lawn trimmed up. This is to say that our mowers stay active over the winter, to some extent or […]

Klein Bluetooth Jobsite Earbuds AESEB1

Klein Earbuds Provide High-Quality Stereo Audio While Protecting Your Hearing Klein tells us that one of the main causes of hearing loss is loud sounds and exposure to noisy environments like construction sites. To combat this, Klein has released the Bluetooth Jobsite Earbuds. These earbuds not only provide passive hearing protection, but they also provide […]

Kubota Compact Excavators | K008-5 and U10-5

Kubota Announces Two Small But Mighty Compact Excavators The Kubota Tractor Corporation has two compact excavators joining the lineup. The K008-5 conventional tail swing excavator and U10-5 minimal tail swing excavator lead the Kubota 2022 product rollouts. The K008-5 replaces the previous K008-3 with a variety of upgrades. The U10-5 fills a need in the […]