Dirty Hand Tools 35 Ton Log Splitter Horizontal – Vertical

Dirty Hand Tools 35 ton log splitter

Whether you have fallen timber or you need fire wood, having a log splitter at your disposal is a huge asset. The year is still new and old man winter is already grasping the nation with low temps and precipitation of many sorts. Splitting wood manually to fire the stove or fireplace is not something on my bucket list. This is why the Dirty Hand Tools 35 ton log splitter looks pretty appealing.

Log splitters aren’t exactly sophisticated machines. In a nutshell, they need the power to drive a wedge, or wedges, through a log. Not to make that seem so easy, but it’s not exactly rocket surgeory either. Power, build quality, and durability float to the top of my log splitter list. It seems that the Dirty Hand Tools 35 ton log splitter may follow in this same understanding.

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Dirty Hand Tools 35 Ton Log Splitter Features

35-Ton Vertical
35-Ton Vertical

With its namesake, this Dirty Hand Tools log splitter delivers 35 tons of splitting force by way of the 9.5 HP Kohler CH395 277cc engine. Users can choose to split logs horizontal or vertical. The hydraulic cylinder stroke is 24 inches, and the maximum log dimension is 25” length and 36” diameter. Cycle time for a full pass, down and back, is just 12.8 seconds. In addition, a 9-inch high heat treated steel wedge sits on the business end of the hydraulic ram.

With intentions of the professional in mind, the Dirty Hand Tools 35 ton log splitter includes 16-inch DOT approved high speed road tires. Also included is the 2-inch ball hitch and safety chains, so it’s ready to take onsite. Futhermore, the built-in log cradle and log catcher make life a little easier, so you can split logs and not your side.

In addition to the included features, the are optional accessories for the Dirty Hand Tools 35 ton log splitter. A 4-way wedge can be added for makeing smaller pieces with less strokes. A stroke reducer can be added to help with splitting smaller timber, faster. Finally, fenders can be added to keep the tires from slinging mud all over your log splitter, and a storage cover will help to keep the elements off your new asset.

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35 Ton Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter Specifications

  • 35-Ton Splitter - Horizontal Position
    35-Ton Splitter – Horizontal Position

    MSRP: $1,699.00

  • Max Force: 35 tons maximum splitting force
  • Engine: 9.5 HP 277cc Kohler CH395 engine
  • Cycle Time: 12.8 seconds
  • Hydraulic Ram: 5″ diameter x 24″ length
  • Log Capacity: 36 inch diameter x 25 inch length
  • Pump: Two stage 17.5 gallons/minute pump
  • Splitting Wedge: 9 inch high heat treated steel
  • Beam: 9 inch foot plate & removable stripper plates
  • Return Valve: Auto with adjustable detent
  • Built-in log cradle
  • Log catcher included
  • Tires: DOT approved 16 inch outside diameter high speed road tires
  • Hitch Type: 2 inch ball with safety chains


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