Echo eForce Series Reviews 2024

echo eforce series

While ECHO made its mark with gas-powered OPE, they’re also putting a lot of work into developing their cordless gear. This includes the company’s eFORCE cordless platform. In fact, our staff flew out to their headquarters in Lake Zurich, Ill., where they unveiled the 2024 ECHO eFORCE series. And to our delight, we had the opportunity to put them to the test. To keep you up to date on these product releases and help you narrow down the fleet, here are our picks for the best models in the 2024 ECHO eFORCE lineup.

Editor’s Note: We got our hands on these models again at Equip Expo in Louisville, KY.

ECHO eFORCE Series Lineup

ECHO 56V 795 CFM Backpack Blower (DPB-5800T)


Interestingly, the DPB-5800T isn’t just ECHO’s first foray into the 3-port cordless backpack blower platform. It’s a first for the entire industry, just like the 1975 release of the world’s first backpack blower, the ECHO PB-9. Naturally, we were keen to strap on the 5800T and give it a go.

Right away, we liked the balance. The blower has a nice, snug fit, so when you twist, turn, and bend down, the unit doesn’t shift or slide. However, if there’s a downside to this model, it’s in its weight–almost 30 pounds with all three batteries.

For those of you with shoulder or back problems, this might not be the ideal choice. But otherwise, you’ll be pleased with the ergonomics and the performance.

Another industry-first for ECHO, the DPB-5800T made our Best Backpack Leaf Blower Reviews list!


And, on that note, we think you’ll appreciate the ECHO eFORCE series battery system on this tool. For example, this unit has three ports, but you’re free to use two. We did just that, and the performance was still noteworthy.

ECHO eFORCE series DPB-5800T backpack blower
The DPB-5800T is among the most powerful blowers in the ECHO eFORCE series. It’s the world’s first 3-port battery backpack blower.

With two installed, we had no trouble blowing mulch out of grass and moving thick layers of debris. Moreover, this model’s runtimes are solid, beating comparably powerful units that we’ve handled by about 10 minutes (with two batteries).

The DPB-5800T hits stores in October 2023 and will retail for $699.99.

ECHO X Series 56V eFORCE Edger (DPE-2600)

echo eforce series 56V edger dpe-2600

Generally speaking, our coverage of edgers deals with consumer-level tools. However, the DPE-2600 is a commercial-grade model, and, based on our experience, it performed accordingly.

We put this edger to the test on ECHO’s lawn, side-by-side with one of their residential models. Immediately, we noticed a stark difference in cutting.

echo edgers compared
We had an opportunity to do a side-by-side comparison of the residential and commercial edgers. Right away, we noticed a marked difference in cutting.


  • Model: ECHO DPE-2600
  • Battery: 56V (5.0Ah) eFORCE
  • Brushless motor
  • 2:1 Gearcase
  • Weight: 14.1 lbs

You have to remember that edging is heavy work, particularly when you’re starting from scratch. Cutting through several inches of grass and soil takes both muscle and power. Compared to ECHO’s consumer model, the DPE-2600 encountered few hangups. In fact, the high-speed brushless motor generated noticeable cutting force.

Combined with other commercial touches, including a metal shield and a large skid plate, we wouldn’t be at all surprised if you get years of use from this tool.

The DPE-2600 drops in November 2023 with a $599.99 price tag.

ECHO 56V eFORCE Series Top Handle Chainsaw (DCS-2500TN)

DCS-2500TN 12-inch chainsaw

We tested several chainsaws while at ECHO’s headquarters, but the DCS-2500TN stood out to us. Specifically, we liked the compact design and 12-inch bar. Indeed, we think you’ll find both facets quite useful if you’re a Prosumer with a lot of property or an arborist on the job.

To that point, ECHO built this model from the ground up for professionals. What most impressed us while running it was its weight–a manageable 7 pounds. That trait, alone, proves handy when you’re limbing high above the ground. (The top handle also helps here.)


  • Model: ECHO DCS-2500TN
  • Battery: 56V (2.5Ah) eFORCE
  • Brushless motor
  • Bar: 12 inch
  • Weight: 7.3 lbs (w/ battery)

Although we didn’t have the opportunity to run this chainsaw to the max, ECHO says you should get about 70 cuts using the 56V (2.5Ah) eFORCE battery.

You’ll find the DCS-2500TN on store shelves in October 2023 selling for $659.99.

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