Ariens Zenith Zero Turn 991158

ariens zenith zero turn

Ariens is one of those names that call to mind the commercial club, as we like to call it. In fact, they have a storied history that reaches back to 1933. Three brothers started this company and developed the first American-made rotary tiller. Ninety years later, they employ over 1,000 people and make an array of OPE, including the Ariens Zenith Zero Turn (991158).

Here’s a taste of what this 60-inch ZT has and what it can do.

Ariens Zenith Zero Turn Performance Features

First, there’s the V-twin engine. The 991158 runs on a Kawasaki FX730 726cc unit that puts out 23.5 horsepower. As an aside, there are a lot of nice engine brands out there, and one of them is Kawasaki. Indeed, we have one in a tractor from the early 90s that purrs like a kitten. They’re dependable starters and smooth operators.

But, we digress.

ariens zenith zero turn 991158

Ariens Zenith Zero Turn Specs

  • Model: Ariens 991158
  • Engine: Kawasaki FX730
  • HP: 23.5
  • Cutting swath: 60 in
  • Acreage: ~5
  • Fuel tank: 5.1 gal
  • Weight: 938 lbs

On the 991158’s business end, you get formidable cutting swaths. Indeed, 60-inch passes give you plenty of width, and, we think, enable you to mow and go throughout your workday. According to Ariens, the Zenith Zero Turn has a 5-acre capacity, which gives Pro lawn care crews a range of clients, from residential to mid-sized public properties.

Now, the mower’s overall width with the deck is over 6 feet. That could make it difficult to fit through various types of fence gates, leaving you cutting backyards with a self-propelled mower.

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Ariens Zenith Zero Turn Design

ariens 60 inch zero turn

In our opinion, the 60-inch 991158’s standout design feature is the deck’s construction. As an in-text editor’s note, we are not fond of the stamped variety. They’re generally thin, and, in the long run, don’t hold up well to the rigors and abuses of commercial work.

That said, you rarely see stamped decks on Pro models. In the case of the Ariens Zenith Zero Turn, you get welded, 10-gauge steel that’ll resist rust-through from mowing wet grass. What’s more, it will hold up to beatings from debris like rocks.

Ariens 991158 Price

The Ariens Zenith Zero Turn sells for $7,999 and comes with a 4-year limited or 750-hour warranty.

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