how to harvest grass seed

How to Harvest Grass Seed: Methods and Benefits

If you’re an avid yard enthusiast and gardener, you may already be saving a lot of your seeds. But did you know that you can gather your own grass seed? Learn how to harvest grass seeds with these practical methods and step-by-step instructions. Understanding the Importance of Harvesting Grass Seeds Growing grass and collecting the […]

ryobi electric string trimmer

Ryobi Attachment Capable Electric String Trimmer

Many people are under the impression that corded gear is dead. However, it might surprise some to learn that there is a contingent of yard warriors who haven’t pulled the plug. And to those in that group, we say, it most definitely is possible to find a corded string trimmer that performs well. Indeed, a […]

how to get rid of grass fungus

How to Get Rid of Grass Fungus: Causes and Treatments

Fungal infections on your lawn are common, but they can cause a lot of damage and won’t go away on their own. Learn how to get rid of grass fungus through identification, common causes, and effective treatments. Identifying Grass Fungus If you’ve done your lawn maintenance homework, you’ve probably heard a lot about how certain […]

Honda EU7000iS inverter generator

Honda EU7000iS Inverter Generator

Honda is no stranger to generators, and Honda generators aren’t strangers to the OPE Reviews staff. That goes for the Honda EU7000iS inverter generator. This model has been a favorite of ours for quite some time. Indeed, it earned spots on both our Best Generator for Home Use and Best Portable Generator Reviews lists. Let’s […]

treatments for brown grass patches

Treatments for Brown Grass Patches: Causes and Solutions

Do you have unsightly brown patches on your beautiful green lawn? Ugly brown patches are often caused by brown patch grass fungus. Discover the common causes of brown patches in your grass and find the best brown patch grass treatments for your lawn. What Causes Brown Patch Grass? Your lush green lawn suddenly has patches […]

Breeo Fire Pits

Breeo X Series Fire Pits

Over the last decade, fire pits have dominated much of the outdoor leisure market. A report from the American Society of Landscape Architects said it all. In 2016, this survey ranked fire pits in the top ten backyard projects with a 75% consumer demand. And, today, that figure is doubtless higher, especially when you account […]

hydroseed vs sod

Hydroseed vs Sod: Choosing the Right Solution for a Lush Lawn

Hydroseeding and sodding your yard are two of the best ways to establish a green lawn. Learn about the pros and cons of each method, and get answers to common questions about hydroseed vs sod planting. Understanding Hydroseed and Sod Hydroseeding and sod seeding are two alternatives to the traditional lawn seeding method, where you […]

mulching vs bagging grass

Mulching vs Bagging Grass: A Decision for a Healthy Lawn

Are you caught in the debate of whether to mulch or bag your grass clippings? There are advantages to both methods, so what you decide is often a matter of personal preference. Learn more about mulching grass vs bagging your clippings to help you decide. Understanding Mulching Grass and Bagging Grass Should you mulch your […]