Craftsman battery weedwacker

Craftsman Battery Weedwacker Review | V60 Brushless String Trimmer

Craftsman V60 Battery Weedwacker Delivers Excellent Performance with a Versatile Design We got our hands on the brushless Craftsman V60 battery Weedwacker near the end of the mowing season for most of the country. The joy of living in Florida is that we don’t get to stop cutting our lawns for more than a couple […]

Lansky Standard & Deluxe Knife Sharpening Systems Review

Lansky Knife Sharpening System Standard & Deluxe

Having a dull knife can cause both cutting problems and safety issues. Those issues can be over if you start using a Lansky Knife Sharpening System. These systems give a consistently sharp edge every time you use it. Is it the best knife sharpening system out there? That would be a loaded question. With an easy to use […]

Cat Excavator Superlight

Cat Excavator Superlite Work Boots Review

Cat Excavator Superlite Work Boots Offer Super-Comfortable Work Days Cat Excavator Superlite work boots make some compelling claims about their comfort and durability. We hear that a lot, especially in the premium work boot space. I’ve been wearing them as my everyday boot on all kinds of jobsites for a couple of months to see […]

Review9.0(out of 10)
Makita EM2650LH 4-Stroke String Trimmer

Makita EM2650LH 4-Stroke String Trimmer Review

Having recently moved to a new home, the previous owners had let the landscape and lawn sort of return to the way that nature intended. What should have been trimmed grass in the back section near the drainage easement looked more like a jungle, and I could not even tell if there was a drainage ditch […]

Werner D6216-3 16 ft Fiberglass Extension Ladder

Werner D6216-3 16 ft Fiberglass Extension Ladder Review

It’s a long story, but…termites. That’s what got me interested in reviewing the Werner D6216-3 16 ft fiberglass extension ladder. It’s not that termites are any particular cause for going out and buying a nice ladder, but an infestation leads—in the South at least—to tenting your building. And when you’re tenting a 6,500 square foot facility […]

Troy Bilt Pressure Washer Review

Troy Bilt Pressure Washer Review

The challenge was to find the least expensive, gas powered pressure washer available to us locally. Since these tend to be a little on the heavy side of things, we opted to forgo an on-line deal because of the shipping cost and to fulfill our need for instant purchase gratification.The Troy Bilt 020292 Pressure Washer fit the bill.