Dickies Temp iQ Performance Cooling T-Shirt

Dickies Temp iQ

In case you haven’t been paying attention to the Southeast peninsula of the United States while you’ve been cleaning up after winter, it’s pretty stinking’ hot down here in Central Florida. While I’m not terribly thrilled about that, it does give me the opportunity to put the new Dickies Temp iQ Performance Cooling T-Shirt through its paces early in the season.

Dickies claims the Temp iQ material will cool you down when things heat up or act like a traditional shirt when your body temperature doesn’t need it. While there certainly aren’t any sensors or batteries involved, it’s a tempting offer. But does it work?


Dickies Temp iQ Performance Cooling T-Shirt goes with what they call a jersey material – 50% polyester and 50% cotton. This creates the feel of a soft cotton shirt that’s one of my favorites. 100% polyester is great for breathability, but it tends to promote sweat and odor.

This material blend is where the magic happens. The polyester wicks sweat away and creates a cooling effect thanks to evaporative cooling. On the other side, cotton gives the shirt durability and your body insulation when evaporative cooling isn’t taking place.

The combination of the two means that when you start sweating, the shirt gives you some cooling and when you’re not, you’re just wearing a crazy comfortable t-shirt.


If you’re already a fan of Dickies, the fit is no different than what you’re used to. I’m a lean 6’2″ and with a 42″ chest and the large size fits me comfortably with enough length. That’s dead on with what their size guide recommends and I don’t need to move up to their Big & Tall sizes.

Dickies Temp iQ Performance Cooling T-Shirt

As a t-shirt, the fit is loose and allows plenty of movement whether you’re working the factory floor, nailing shingles on the roof, or mastering the BBQ our back on the weekend.


There’s not a ton of style considerations when it comes to your typical t-shirts. However, the Dickies Temp iQ Performance Cooling T-Shirt has a couple of things worth pointing out. First of all, there’s a chest pocket, which is a plus in my book. Integrated on it is a pen/pencil holder that also works great to hold your sunglasses.

Dickies Temp iQ Performance Cooling T-Shirt

The other design factor that’s a good move is getting the seams off your shoulders. It eliminates the additional pressure you get wearing a backpack or harness throughout the day.

Dickies Temp iQ Performance Cooling T-Shirt

Color Choices

  • Black
  • Bright Orange
  • Bright Yellow
  • Cane Red
  • Dusty Blue
  • Dark Navy
  • Desert Sand
  • English Red
  • Knit Black Heather
  • Moss Green
  • Smoke
  • White


The Pro’s who know Dickies appreciate them for the value they offer. It’s not just a low price ($14.99 – $16.99 in this case), it’s the durability and style that also go along with it. The Dickies Temp iQ Performance Cooling T-Shirt is no different, bringing in a combination of fit, comfort, style, and price that makes the decision an easy one to make.

Final Thoughts

The Dickies Temp iQ Performance Cooling T-Shirt is an easy recommendation to make no matter what conditions you’re working or playing in. The only possible hangup is if you really don’t like chest pockets. Aside from that, there’s just not much to complain about – unless you don’t like comfortable shirts.

Dickies Temp iQ Performance Cooling T-Shirt Key Features and Specs

  • Raglan sleeves for mobility
  • Jersey, 50% polyester/50% cotton
  • Dynamic cooling and moisture management technology
  • Cooling effect triggered by sweat and rising body temperature
  • Exceptional durability and
  • Superior breathability
  • Price: $14.99 – $16.99

For more information or to order directly from Dickies, click here .

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