Echo Commercial Backpack Sprayers

Echo commercial backpack sprayers

Four New Echo Commercial Sprayers Released Just in Time for Spring

April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring weeds, bugs, and tons of yard work. Both the homeowner and the working professional need options when it comes to getting their yards looking spiffy again. Will Echo meet the challenge with their MS-4010BP 4-gallon, MS-5010BP 5-gallon, MS-4010BPD, and MS-2310H 2-gallon sprayers? With new Echo commercial backpack sprayers to fit almost any need, you should be able to find something that works for you.

Echo MS-2310H 2-gallon Sprayer

The MS-2310H is the smallest Echo commercial sprayer in the lineup. Use this for residential use and around your shop. Unlike the heavy-duty agricultural-grade options we talk about below, the MS-2310H holds just 2 gallons—making it ultra-portable. It features a handle on the top of the tank to pump it up as well as a lockable shut-off valve. The 21-inch wand is the same size as their larger commercial sprayers so you get the same amount of reach.

Echo MS-2310H Additional Highlights

  • Four adjustable nozzle types
  • Professional-grade piston pump
  • Up to 45 PSI
  • Lightweight (5lbs dry weight)

Price: $34.99

Includes 5-year consumer warranty (2-year commercial warranty)

Echo MS-4010BPD Commercial 4-gallon Backpack Sprayer

ECHO MS-4010BPD 4-gallon commercial backpack sprayers

The Echo MS-4010BPD backpack sprayer has a four-gallon tank. It uses a diaphragm-style pump, and is compatible with both liquid and wettable powders. The powder-coated pump handle and frame give it some extra protection against both abrasion and corrosion.

Echo MS-4010BPD Commercial Backpack Sprayer Additional Highlights

  • Four adjustable nozzle types
  • Up to 90 PSI
  • Wide, 5.5-inch tank mouth opening
  • 50-inch hose length
  • 21-inch wand length
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Carry handle on tank cap for easy transport

Price: $79.99

Includes 5-year consumer warranty (2-year commercial warranty)

Echo MS-4010BP and MS-5010BP Sprayers

These two professional-grade Echo commercial backpack sprayers share the same features apart from tank size. The Echo MS-401BP holds 4 gallons and the MS-5010BP adds one more for 5-gallons of capacity. Both commercial backpack sprayers fill easily thanks to a wide opening at the top. The 4-foot-long nylon-reinforced hose gives you plenty of reach, and the professional-grade fiberglass wand extends that another 21 inches.

Echo MS-4010BP and MS-5010BP Additional Highlights

  • Four nozzle attachments for a variety of applications
  • Control valve with rubber grip
  • Padded, waterproof shoulder straps
  • Chemical-resistant seals
  • Up to 90 PSI
  • Piston pump
  • Carry handle on tank cap for easy transport

Price: $74.99 (MS-4010BP), $89.99 (MS-5010BP)

Both sprayer models come with a 5-year consumer warranty (2-year commercial warranty).

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