March 7, 2021

Hand Tool Reviews

We review outdoor power equipment (OPE) and landscaping hand tools of all kinds to determine which products are innovative and well-made, and which represent the best value. Landscaping hand tools make up a big percentage of the equipment used by professional landscapers every day. It’s not all lawn mowers and string trimmers. Outdoor Power Equipment Reviews keeps its eye on new product innovations. Our landscaping hand tool reviews covering everything including wheelbarrows, shovels, garden hoses, pumps, ladders, and more. These hand tools are used by everyone who works in teh outdoor power equipment and landscaping industries. Comparing all landscaping hand tools would be impossible, but we do our best to cover as many of these important tool as possible. Landscaping Hand Tool Reviews for the Outdoor Power Equipment Professional Reviewing as many landscaping tools and outdoor power equipment hand tools as possible allows us to give solid recommendations. It also helps us maintain our leadership in reporting outdoor power equipment industry trends. This plays an important role when OPE manufacturers bring new features to market. It also helps distibguish if any appreciable changes have been made from one product to “the newest model”. Sometimes manufacturers revamp a whole line of hand tools. Sometimes they only improve a hand tool slightly over an earlier version.

DeWalt Carbon Fiber Axe

DeWalt Carbon Fiber Axe DHWT56033

The DeWalt carbon fiber axe features a hollow composite handle and carbon fiber overstrike zone. With a hybrid head, it sits in a class of axes that can split or fell effectively. It’s a great design for occasional use, but I want to know if carbon fiber and composite can really stand up to the […]

Gerber Truss

Gerber Truss Multi-Tool

Strictly speaking, leatherman-style tools might not fit quite so neatly into the “OPE” category, but there’s no doubt that they can be helpful with various tasks on the site. This is especially true for the lawn pro who doesn’t carry around a full toolbox to his various lawn accounts. The Gerber Truss multi-tool combines 17 […]

Metabo Compact Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Metabo Compact Cordless Reciprocating Saw – 18V SSE LTX

Tools play a very important role in the Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) and landscaping world. From grinders to impacts, screwdrivers, and even saws, rarely does a day go by without one of these in hand. If you do any type of irrigation work, then you realize the need for a good cordless cutting solution. We […]

TeraPump Battery Operated Fuel Pump

TeraPump Battery Operated Fuel Pump Review

We’ve got several reviewers who run crews and cut a lot of lawns. With zero turn mowers, and dozens of saws, trimmers, and blowers, you’re pumping a lot of gas at the beginning of each day—and several times throughout. When you run a landscaping business, a product like the TeraPump battery operated fuel pump can save […]

Bosse Round Point Shovel

Bosse Round Point Shovel Review

I first saw the Bosse round point shovel online back in 2013 when they launched an aggressive Kickstarter campaign to release a new kind of ergonomic digging tool. Their shovels were once again thrust into my sights at the recent 2015 STAFDA trade show . I thought it was high time we finally got it in-hand to see how […]

Surecan Gas Can

Surecan Gas Can Review

Gas cans have been around pretty much since the invention of the combustion engine. There’s not much innovation to be seen there…right? If we’re honest, we went from metal cans to plastic. Oh, and we added a spout to make pouring easier. But that’s about as much gas can tool innovation we’ve seen—until now. Take […]

Jackson Total Control Wheelbarrow with Flat Free Tire

Jackson Total Control Wheelbarrow with Flat Free Tire Review

This is going to be a short review. It is, after all a wheelbarrow. But a common problem with wheelbarrows is that the front tires tend to go flat, particularly when you’re coming off a ledge when carrying a large weight. Concrete is not kind to single-wheel wheelbarrows. Two-wheel models help considerably, but they lack […]

Werner D6216-3 16 ft Fiberglass Extension Ladder

Werner D6216-3 16 ft Fiberglass Extension Ladder Review

It’s a long story, but…termites. That’s what got me interested in reviewing the Werner D6216-3 16 ft fiberglass extension ladder. It’s not that termites are any particular cause for going out and buying a nice ladder, but an infestation leads—in the South at least—to tenting your building. And when you’re tenting a 6,500 square foot facility […]