Milwaukee M18 Fuel Outdoor Power Equipment

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Outdoor Power Equipment

Milwaukee Tool recently introduced its first outdoor power equipment line with three core landscape maintenance tools: the M18 Fuel String Trimmer, the M18 Fuel Blower, and M18 Fuel Hedge Trimmer. All Milwaukee M18 Fuel outdoor power equipment tools are compatible with more than 125 solutions on the M18 battery system.

“In our constant mission to listen to our users and deliver solutions based on their needs, we spent hundreds of hours researching with landscape maintenance professionals to understand their requirements for performance, durability and ergonomics. Unwilling to settle on sub-par performance, we continued to advance our technologies until we could provide a true productivity enhancement and innovative solution. By combining three exclusive innovations – the PowerState brushless motor, new M18 RedLithium High Demand 9.0 battery pack, and RedLink Plus intelligence – our new Outdoor Power Equipment delivers breakthrough performance that even outperforms higher voltage cordless solutions on the market.”

Andrew Lentz, Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Outdoor Power Equipment Overview

Milwaukee M18 Fuel String Trimmer

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Outdoor Power Equipment The M18 Fuel String Trimmer has a 16-inch cutting swath and a rear-mounted motor. A variable speed trigger allows the users to choose between a high speed designed to clear thick brush and a low speed designed for grass trimming. The trimmer features a single piece, solid drive shaft, a full-sized head, and a metal reinforced bump knob. 

Milwaukee M18 Fuel String Trimmer

  • Model: Milwaukee 2725-21HD
  • Cutting Swath: 14-inch to 16-inch
  • Line Diameter: .080-inch/.095-inch
  • RPM: 0-4,600/0-5,800
  • Trigger: Variable Speed
  • Feed System: Bump Feed
  • Length: 73.6-inch
  • Weight: 12.3 lbs
  • Price: $299

Includes M18 Fuel String Trimmer, (1) M18 RedLithium High Demand 9.0 Battery Pack, and Multi-Voltage Rapid Charger.
*Also available as bare tool (2725-20) – $199

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Accessories Available

  • .080 x 150’ Accy Line
  • .095 x 250’ Accy Line
  • Loaded Replacement Spool
  • Loaded Replacement Head

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Outdoor Power Equipment Milwaukee M18 Fuel Blower

The M18 Fuel Blower is powered by Milwaukee’s PowerState brushless motor and RedLithium High Demand 9.0 battery.  It features a variable speed trigger and ambidextrous cruise control. 

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Blower

  • Model: Milwaukee 21HD
  • Max Air Volume: 450 CFM
  • Max Air Speed: 100 MPH
  • Noise Rating (db): 63 (ANSI B175)
  • Cruise Control: Yes
  • Length: 38.5-inches
  • Weight: 8.1 lbs
  • Price: $279

Includes M18 Fuel Blower, (1) M18 RedLithium High Demand 9.0 Battery Pack, and Multi-Voltage Rapid Charger.
*Also available as bare tool (2728-20) – $149

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Milwaukee M18 Fuel Outdoor Power Equipment Milwaukee M18 Fuel Hedge Trimmer

The M18 Fuel Hedge Trimmer has a 24-inch blade that can cut branches up to 3/4-inch think.  It features a slider crank mechanism, all-metal gear case enclosure, and a blade tip guard.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Hedge Trimmer

  • Model: Milwaukee 2726-21HD
  • Blade Length: 24-inch
  • Cut Capacity: 3/4-inch
  • Strokes Per Minute: 3,400
  • Gear Case: All-Metal
  • Length: 45.75-inches
  • Weight: 10.9 lbs
  • Price: $299

Includes M18 Fuel Hedge Trimmer, (1) M18 RedLithium High Demand 9.0 Battery Pack, and Multi-Voltage Rapid Charger.
*Also available as bare tool (2726-20) – $169

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Our Take

The decision to develop Milwaukee M18 Fuel Outdoor Power Equipment is an interesting one from our friends up north. It’s outside their core user base, but it certainly not unheard of with DeWalt and Makita having entered into the sector in recent years.

Milwaukee has been adamant from the start that their new OPE line is not designed to replace gas tools, but rather supplement what commercial crews are already using situations where noise reduction is beneficial. Milwaukee is a very forward thinking company and we can be sure that this is just the first of what we’re seeing in a line that they’re likely already thinking several years ahead on.

We’re still a long way from reaching the capacity of what an 18 volt lithium-ion battery can do, so it will be interesting to see not only how this line develops, but what new battery technology might already be in the works to take it further.

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