Stihl Backpack Battery – AR 2000 to Replace AR 900

stihl backpack battery

Stihl recently introduced the Stihl Backpack Battery, the Stihl AR 2000, as an alternative power source to gas-powered tools and for professionals who work in areas with noise or emissions restrictions. The company claims the backpack battery can power tools up to 11 hours on one charge, which takes 130 minutes with Stihl AL 500 high-speed charger.

It features a hip belt and chest strap, sensors and microprocessors that monitor temperature and shut down the battery if it overheats, audible and visual recharge alerts, and a rain cover.

“The Stihl AR 2000 is an integral part of a complete pro package as it powers a full day’s work on the job. Compatible with all battery products in the Stihl AP Series, users are buying into a family of products that offer quality performance comparable to gasoline-powered products.”

– Brian Manke, Product Manager at Stihl Inc.

Our Take

Well now, this seems pretty awesome. Of course, the Stihl Backpack Battery 2000 isn’t the first of its kind as it replaces the Still Backpack Battery 900 and the AR 3000 is out there as well. But it’s a step closer to a full replacement of gas-powered OPE for the Pros. Pro competitor, Husqvarna, also has backpack batteries in play. We’re hearing about more noise and emission restrictions all the time, so having quiet and clean all-day power without multiple batteries is the solution for lawn care and maintenance guys among us.


The Stihl AR 2000 bumps up the watt hours a bit to 916, which works out to roughly 25.4 amp hours at 36 volts. This is smaller than the AR 3000 that has an 1148 watt hour capacity (31.8 amp hours).

Other Benefits

Stihl Backpack Battery AR 2000

But that’s not the only benefit, of course. Shifting the weight to the back and shoulders where you can more easily carry it means batteries the weight of the battery isn’t on the tools, making them lighter and removing the burden from our arms and hands. But we can already hear our Florida neighbors’ (and generally warmer climate inhabitants’) legitimate objection: batteries get warm, won’t it be hot as blazes to not only carry a backpack but also one that warms up?

It certainly might. After all, the Backpack has monitors for thermal shutdown but your body does not. However, it looks like the backpack assembly buffers the battery from the user’s back, but we’ll still have to try it out in the field before we can make a solid conclusion. Until then, we’ll look forward to the possibility of portable power that can outlast – and be cleaner and quieter – our gas tools. Now if only that battery could power a personal cooling system!


Distributor pricing is set at $849. At just $50 and a 1/2-pound less than the AR 3000, you may want to go for the extra capacity. Regardless, that’s a price point that continues to drop from the first high capacity backpack batteries we saw.


Stihl Backpack Battery Features

  • Quiet Operation
  • Clean Emissions
  • Hip and Chest Straps
  • Sensor for Thermal Shutdown
  • Audible and Visual Recharge Alerts
  • Rain Cover

Stihl Backpack Battery Specifications

  • Model Number: Stihl AR 2000
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • Weight: 17.4 pounds
  • Watt Hours: 916 WH
  • Voltage: 36V
  • Amp Hours: 25.4 AH
  • Price: $849.95

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So this plugs into stihl outdoor tools?

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Zero emissions. … tell me more.

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