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Stabilizing Gas In Your Cars And Equipment Video

Fuel doesn’t have the shelf life that it used to, and old fuel can gum up the works pretty badly if you let it sit in your tank for any great length of time. Stabilizing gas in your cars and equipment can save you from having to get your equipment serviced.


When Should I Start Worrying About Stabilizing Gas?

Basically, if you don’t use gas (particularly ethanol gas) within 90 days, you run the risk of it spoiling (for lack of a better word). Adding a stabilizer to gas will extend its life so that you’re not having to pay someone to rebuild a carburetor. Sure, you might need to spend a couple bucks on fuel stabilizer, but taking this precautionary measure will save you hundreds of dollars at the mechanic’s shop.

To purchase products that can help with stabilizing gas, check out






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Robert Fish

I add it when I buy it for small engines ,I don’t use it in my car;used it for about ten years and never had a fuel problem.