Stump Grinder Reviews

When we take on stump grinders, it’s all about power and cutting speed. Our stump grinder reviews also look at balance, how easy the unit operates, and how difficult it is to transport or load. Other concerns include vibration and whether it has a robust centrifugal clutch to handle abrupt stump impacts. Stump grinders cut both above and below grade, so verifying their use to the manufacturer’s recommended limits also plays an important role. Stump Grinder Reviews When reviewing stump grinders, we pay close attention to the carbide teeth used. Multiple cutting surfaces and easy replacement are preferred.
For self-propelled systems, we look at the drive mechanism and how smoothly it operates. Also, ensuring the system steers well during use remains a key factor in getting our highest recommendation. Finally, for portable models, we check the handles and maneuverability of the grinder. If it’s difficult to use, then it doesn’t make for a good stump grinder regardless of how powerfully it cuts.

Kubota stump grinder

Kubota SSG20 Stump Grinder

There’s a lot to consider when you have a stump to remove, including how to do it and what it costs to hire someone to do it for you. Generally speaking, this is something that you should leave to the pros. The equipment is heavy-duty, a sizeable investment, and requires extensive experience to operate. We’re […]

Vermeer SC30TX

The Vermeer SC30TX Stump Grinder

Here in Florida, Hurricane Irma caused a lot of headaches for a lot of home and business owners. Between power outages and just general destruction from the wind and rain, a lot of folks down south probably wouldn’t mind if we didn’t have to deal with another natural catastrophe for a great long while. But, […]