Z Turf Z-Spray Stand-On Spreader Sprayers

Z-Spray Max ZTE20 InUse

Z Turf Releases Z-Spray Spreader Sprayers In Four Different Sizes

Landscaping professionals value good-quality spreader sprayers to make a difficult job easier. They need tools that can work across a wide range of properties. That often means they require spreaders and sprayers that feature a narrow width and high maneuverability to keep them productive. The Z Turf Z-Spray stand-on spreader sprayers include some new upgraded features that the company hopes will help landscape Pros work more efficiently. We cover the new models to fill you in on the updated specs and features.

Z Turf Z-Spray Stand-On Spreader Sprayers: The Big Deal

Z Turf had 4 key priorities in mind with these updated Z-Spray spreader sprayers. The updated lineup will include a total of 4 models and sizes. We’re not certain if they will continue offering the Z-Spray Max XL or if the updated Max tops the line. At present, the updated Max has nearly all of the features of the Max XL except for a slight drop in pump speed.

Z-Spray Mid ZTE20

Below we cover the 4 new 2023 Z Turf Z-Spray spreader sprayers as well as the currently-shipping Z-Spray Max XL:

Junior 36
Max XL
Gate Width36 in.36 in.46 in.52 in.52 in.
Engine9.5hp Kohler16hp Vanguard21hp Vanguard21hp Vanguard21hp Vanguard
Fuel Capacity1.59 gal.5 gal.5 gal.5 gal.5 gal.
Tank Capacity20 gal.2 x 12 gal.2 x 20 gal.2 x 30 gal.2 x 30 gal.
Pump3.8 GPM5.3 GPM5.3 GPM5.3 GPM7 GPM
Spray Width5/11 ft.2/4/6/8 ft.2/4/6/8 ft.2/4/6/8/10 ft.2/4/6/8/10 ft.
Hopper Capacity175 lbs150 lbs.250 lbs.250 lbs.220 lbs.
Fertilizer Trays50 lbs.2 x 50 lbs.2 x 50 lbs.2 x 50 lbs.2 x 50 lbs.
Hopper Spread4–22 ft.3–25 ft.3–25 ft.3–25 ft.3–25 ft.
Ground Speed0-5.5 MPH0-7 MPH0-8 MPH0-8 MPH0-8 MPH

Z-Spray Stand-On Spreader Sprayers Operation and Design

The Z-Spray Junior, Mid, and Max spreader sprayers all include zero-turn maneuvering. Important for precise placement of fertilizer and chemicals, this lets operators continue to have the most flexibility when moving around obstacles and dealing with restricted egress situations.

The entry-level Z-Spray LTS spreader sprayer continues to use lean-to-steer instead of zero-turn steering. It also has just a single 50-pound fertilizer tray but increases the hopper capacity to 175 lbs. With two spray patterns (5 and 11 feet) It continues to be a solid choice for light-duty spreading and spraying.

Z Turf Z-Spray ZTE20 Junior36 Z Stand-On Spreader Sprayers

The Z Turf Z-Spray stand-on spreader sprayers can spread seeds while also applying granular and/or liquid fertilizer. This combination feature saves a significant amount of time. Because of the multiple spreader/sprayer controls, you can steer the Z-Spray machines with just one hand.

Z Turf designed these machines with the weight down low, centered within the stainless-steel frame. This design balances the machine well even with a full load of material in the hopper and tanks. Both the Mid and Max models include a heavy-duty engine air filter.

The Z Turf Z-Spray Stand-On spreader sprayers have adjustable spray widths from 2 to 8 feet widths in 2-foot increments. The Z-Spry Max supports a spray width of up to 10 feet. The spreaders cover between 3 and 25 feet in the Junior, Mid, and Max models. The Lean to Steer (LTS) model spreads between 4 and 22 feet.

Additional Features

  • Floating operator platform
  • Commercial-grade parts
  • Ceramic spray nozzles
  • Fast ground speeds
  • Optional accessories available (hose trays, etc)
  • Requires only annual maintenance


The prices for these Z-Spray stand-on spreader sprayers vary based on which model you prefer.

  • Z-Spray LTS: Starts at $12,999
  • Z Turf Z-Spray Junior: Starts at $16,099
  • Z-Spray Mid: Starts at $17,199
  • Z-Spray Max: Starts at $17,699

Each model includes a 1-year limited warranty from Z Turf.

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