Altoz TRX 660i Zero Turn Mower Review – Tank Turret Not Included

Altoz TRX 660i Feature
PTR Review
  • Pro Review 9.0

This Altoz TRX 660i zero turn is truly in a class by itself, at least at this time. More than just a mower, the TRX can cut small trees in a single pass.

Overall Score 9.0 (out of 10)

Take a nitro-burning monster truck, International Harvester tractor, M1 Abrams tank, and zero turn mower – cram them all into one package. This is a close representation of what you get with the Altoz TRX 660i zero turn mower. At first glance, it looks like a ton of fun, but you ask yourself if it’s truly usable. Yes, this type of mower/bush-hog can be invaluable for the right application, but this is not the choice for the manicured lawn. With the all-terrain deck option, as we review it, this TRX is capable of mowing over shoulder-high weeds and even small trees.

So this isn’t the mower for the gated community and pristine zoysia lawns, but does it add value to the typical landscape contractor? We think so, and we’ll give you the details to make up your own mind. If you are looking for the mower for the more common lawn, you can stay in the family and check out the Altoz XC 610 Z/Zi Mower Review.

If there is one thing that jumps out at you when you see the TRX, it has to be the tracks. From the rear, it has the look of a flared-fender ’68 Camaro, ready for the road course – big, wide and stable. Yet from the side, you get a skid steer with a mower deck and casters. Regardless of the look, we first question the purpose for tracks, instead of wheels and tires. After quite a bit of in-the-seat testing, the tracks are most assuredly a requirement for this Altoz TRX zero turn.

Extreme-Duty Hubs
Extreme-Duty Hubs

Our Top 3 Features:

  • Power – 37HP Big-block V-twin Vanguard from Briggs & Stratton
  • Tracks – Snowmobile tracks on our Florida turf
  • All-Terrain Deck – bush-hog cutting in a zero turn
  • Bonus feature – it fits on a typical lawn trailer

Altoz TRX 660i Zero Turn Features

Ok, now that we have the elephant in the room out of the way, let’s talk about the features that may not be so obvious. Altoz chose to power the TRX 660i with the Vanguard EFI37, which is a 37 horsepower beast made by Briggs & Stratton. Even though the toughest cutting, we faced, including 1-1/2″ oak trees, the mower powered right through. Throttle response is impressive as well, but not necessarily needed in a mower. The torque from the cast-iron cylinder v-twin is what truly stands out as we push the limits on the TRX 660i. Whether it’s mowing weeds and trees, cutting in the swamp, or climbing steep inclines, the Briggs powerplant never stumbles.

Altoz Wide Rear Tracks

With 37 horsepower on tap and tracks to take you anywhere, this is a mower, so we need a deck and blades. Again, this is where the Altoz TRX stands out from the rest. While you can spec the Altoz TRX with a finish deck (typical lawn cutting), our 660i includes the all-terrain deck, hence bush-hog style blades. In addition to the three (3) pivoting blades, the deck includes small chains hanging on the front of the mower. These chains are typical for commercial/industrial brush-cutting mowers. The chains help to slow down large flying objects as you encounter lawns not maintained in months or years, littered with bricks, 2x4s, and alligators (or whatever else you can think of).

Cut-N-Chop Blades

Main Drive Clutch and Belt
250 ft-lb Clutch Drive

It’s hard to tell whether the bush-hog style pivoting blades actually cut or chop the Sherwood-forest in its path. Regardless, in the end, not much is left of anything, except some newly made mulch. Like a typical mower deck, there are three (3) blades driven by three spindles and a single belt. The similarities pretty much stop here.

The blades and spindles below the deck have a very industrial look. A single clutch and pulley, capable of 250 ft-lbs. of torque powers the three (3) spindles. Three (3) large center steel plates each have two (2) blades that pivot from a pin in the plate. Centrifugal force, when the engine is at speed (and blade rotation engaged), from the rotation of the plates, force the blades to extend out straight. With blade-tip speeds of 18,500 FPM, not much can stand up to the six (3×2) large and heavy machetes chopping at will. Pretty much, if you can run it over, the TRX will mow it down.

Ridin’ Dirty – But Comfortable

Suspension Seat Adjustment

Mowing and other landscape activities are not the cleanest jobs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable while doing them. At least, some of them. The suspension seat on the TRX 660i is adjustable and a must have – for any mower. Just use the dial on the front of the Altoz seat to select the amount of absorption you want. I believe it’s meant to set to your weight, but you get the picture. The higher the number selected, the more firm the ride will be.

Making Tracks

Amazingly, riding on the Altoz TRX 660i zero turn is quite comfortable, even when driving on hard ground. The suspension on the tracks come via torsion arms that act as springs. Even running wide open through the pasture at 10mph, the Altoz TRX 660i zero turn remains stable and easy to ride. In addition, the oversize 15-inch front wheels include the Torqflex suspension, which is somewhat of a rubber airbag that absorbs some shock on the front-end as well.

More than just absorbing undulations in terrain, the torsion arms and 11-inch wide tracks also aid in navigating steep inclines. If steep enough, when cresting the pinnacle, the front wheels will be in the air, while the mower rides on the flat part of the tracks. As you continue forward, you notice the torsion arms flexing the front wheels down. The front-end will gently touch down, continuing on your way. Up and down hills aren’t the only way to go. The same wide tracks and commercial suspension keep the TRX 660i safely planted when traversing the hills laterally (side to side) as well.

Florida Swamp, Forest, and Hurricanes

Located in sunny – when there’s not a hurricane – central Florida, we get a lot of sun, rain and growing greenery. Also, one of our shops is located on five (5) acres; three (3) of which are open pasture with Bahia grass. The other two (2) acres include an oak, citrus and palm tree forest, with a creek running through it. It just so happened that smack in the middle of testing, Hurricane Irma punched us, right in the gut. The creek grew from 10′ wide to literally 200 yards wide. To say we have some swamp now is an understatement. What better time to try out those tracks than on our Florida swamp. Furthermore, we have a higher area that was covered in palmetto bushes, small oaks and weeds higher than our shoulders. Another great test for the Altoz TRX 660i zero turn.

As stated in the beginning paragraphs, there is nothing we throw at the TRX 660i that it can’t tackle. From weeds to swamp, it never shuts down or gets stuck. Over and over, we scratch our heads thinking: this is a zero turn mower doing all this.

Altoz TRX 660i In The Swamp
Altoz TRX 660i In The Swamp

Our Final Thoughts

Altoz TRX 660i Rear

This Altoz TRX is a lot of fun to use and it will definitely cut down the mess, if you have it. It’s probably not for every lawn Pro, but it will fill a need for some. Starting price for this line is somewhere in the $18,000 range, so it’s not the typical impulse buy at the lawn store. Lawn pros that find themselves turning away business for brush-cutting or bush-hogging can make great use of a TRX. Typically, when transitioning into heavier cutting, such as bush hogging, one needs a tractor and PTO-driven deck. Furthermore, that tractor won’t be fitting on the lawn trailer, so a new trailer is in store. Then, do you have a truck to haul it, etc. You understand the ever-growing conundrum.

The Altoz TRX 660i zero turn mower easily fits on the typical lawn trailer where any other 60 or 66-inch zero turn will fit. This allows a much easier way in to the heavier cutting market. Brush cutting or bush hogging is not the only opportunity for the tracked mower. Mowing around viaducts, retention ponds, highway bridges and ramps, and other various steep terrain. Tyipically, very expensive machinery is used to cut these, something that resembles a spider. The TRX will allow operators to carefully navigate these hills with ease. Even the homeowner that may have some acreage of untamable foliage can make use of the TRX.

To find out more about the features for the Altoz TRX 660i or to purchase one, click here .

Deck Height Selector and Fuel Guage
Deck Height Selector and Fuel Guage

Altoz TRX 660i Specifications

  • HP: 37
  • Engine: Mfr Vanguard
  • Engine: Model EFI37
  • Displacement: (cc) 993
  • Cylinders: 2
  • Fuel: Gas
  • Fuel Volume (gallons): 14
  • Trans Type: Hydro-Gear
  • Driveline: Hydrostatic
  • Trans Model: ZT-5400
  • Max Forward Speed: (mph) 10
  • Front Tire Size: 15”
  • Rear Track Size: 11”
  • Cutting Deck Width: 66”
  • Deck Type: Fabricated Steel
  • Cutting Height: 6”
  • Blade Speed: 18,500 fpm
  • Clutch Torque (ft-lbs): 250

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