September 19, 2021

Greenworks 60V X-Range Batteries

Greenworks X-Range Batteries Feature

Greenworks 60V Lineup Upgrades to X-Range Batteries

The Greenworks Pro 60V line of tools and batteries is getting an upgrade. With the 60V X-Range tools and batteries, Greenworks aims to extend your runtime, increase durability and efficiency, and ramp up the convenience factor with Bluetooth and app communication that lets you monitor information about the battery and tool in real-time.

What’s New With the Greenworks X-Range Batteries?

The biggest improvement Greenworks has made with the X-Range Batteries comes by way of smart technology that optimizes the performance of the tool you put it into (though these batteries can work with any tool on the 60V platform, you’ll get the most out of them when pairing them with an X-Range tool). It has built-in overload and overcharge protection to keep the batteries in tip-top shape for longer.

Greenworks X-Force Batteries Beauty

Tied in with this, the X-Range batteries also feature Bluetooth capability that communicates with the Greenworks app, available on iOS and Android platforms. From the app, you can monitor the battery status, see the last known position of the battery, and secure the battery using the lock and unlock function. Greenworks will also periodically update the battery software to optimize performance.

Greenworks has also improved the weather protection on the updated batteries. Now, these batteries can withstand rain and moisture, keeping internal circuitry dry with an IPX5 rating.

Side By Side

Right now, it looks like Greenworks is offering 2.5Ah, 5.0Ah, and 8.0Ah versions of the 60V X-Range batteries. We took a look at the 2.5Ah model next to the UltraPower version to see how they’ve improved it.

ModelX-Range 60V 2.5Ah BatteryUltraPower 60V 2.5Ah Battery
On-Board Battery IndicatorYesYes
Built-In Overload and Overcharge ProtectionYesNo
Weather ResistanceIPX5
Weight2.8 lbs.3 lbs.
Warranty4 years4 years

Greenworks claims that both versions of the 60V battery get the “heavy-duty” treatment with robust construction, and both versions deliver “fade-free power with no memory loss after charging.”

However, the Greenworks Pro 60V X-Range Batteries include two improvements to justify the price bump that we’re seeing with the new models. The Bluetooth compatibility and smart controls seem like the biggest deal, but the buffed-up weather protection seems like a bonus too.

Greenworks Pro 60V X-Range Batteries Options

  • LB6025 2.5Ah X-Range Battery: $169
  • 60BA5 5.0Ah X-Range Battery: $269
  • 60BA08 8.0Ah X-Range Battery: $299

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