September 19, 2021

Hart HGSP041 20V Backpack Chemical Sprayer Review

Hart Adds Chemical Sprayers to 20V OPE Lineup

Chemical sprayers are handy tools to have around the home and garden, but who wants to waste energy by hand-pumping away like some sort of uncultured Philistine? We have battery power to do the heavy lifting, after all. Three different Hart 20V Chemical Sprayers utilize battery power to take the sting out of pumping up your sprayer. We took an up-close look at the Hart HGSP041 4-gallon sprayer.

Hart 20V Sprayer Options and Features

The Hart 20V chemical sprayers come in 3 varieties. All of them accomplish the same basic work but with different capacities and carrying options. You can opt for a 1-gallon model for light jobs, a 2-gallon model , or the Hart HGSP041 4-gallon model for bigger jobs.

Hart 20V Chemical Sprayers

Hart HGSP041 Backpack Sprayer

The really obvious main feature of the Hart 20V backpack sprayers revolves around kissing manual pumping goodbye. With the 4-gallon model, the kitted 2.0Ah battery has enough juice to run 45 gallons of liquid through it. Incidentally, the two smaller models can provide enough power for 40 gallons with the same size battery.

Though you have the option of carrying all of the Hart Chemical Sprayer models around by the handle, the 2 larger models come with shoulder strap options. The 2-gallon model has a removable shoulder holster, while the 4-gallon backpack edition we reviewed has the straps “hardwired” onto the tank and base.

Hart 20V Chemical Sprayers PSI Adjustment

Additionally, the 4-gallon sprayer has an adjustable dial to set your spray pressure. All of the Hart Chemical Sprayers feature an adjustable nozzle to dial in your preferred spray pattern. This helped make sure the spray went exactly where it was needed.

Hart 20V Chemical Sprayers volume markings

The two smaller sprayers come with a measuring cup that stores onboard, making on-the-fly mixing convenient. This feature is missing on the 4-gallon sprayer, though—like all of the models—it has convenient markings on the tank.

Hart Sprayers Side By Side

Capacity1 gallon2 gallons4 gallons
Battery Included2.0Ah2.0Ah2.0Ah
Runtime40 gallons per charge40 gallons per charge45 gallons per charge
HolsterNoneRemovableShoulder straps
Adjustable Spray NozzleYesYesYes
Adjustable PSINoNoYes
Onboard Measuring CupYesYesNo
DutyLight DutyMedium DutyMedium to Heavy Duty
Price$84 $97 $144

Hart HGSP041 Backpack Sprayer Pricing

Since Hart Tools has an exclusive partnership with Walmart, you’ll only be able to find the Chemical Sprayers at your local store or online at

Retail pricing starts at $84 for the 1-gallon sprayer and $97 for the 2-gallon sprayer. For the Hart 4-gallon backpack sprayer, the price jumps up to $144. Kits include the sprayer, hose & wand, 2.0Ah battery, and charger. It comes with a 3-year warranty. The smaller models also feature a measuring cup and the 2-gallon model has a handy backpack holster.

Overall these sprayers offer an economical time-saving solution for weeding, watering, and other spraying tasks. We love the ergonomics of the 4-gallon backpack sprayer. You can get so much accomplished with very little effort. The price can’t be beat if you factor in the typical hassle of spraying 4-gallons with a traditional shoulder-strapped pump sprayer.

For more information about the Hart Sprayers, click here .

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