Kubota SCL1000 Compact Stand-On Loader

kubota scl1000 compact loader

The folks at Kubota has been killing it this year in their production volume. Our staff has seen quite a few press releases come through, only boosting our knowledge of their fleet. This time around, the brand’s heavy equipment has stayed fairly heavy but has gotten smaller. Yup, smaller. In this case, it’s to address a specific challenge. In many jobs, you need heavy-duty gear, but in small spaces where standard machinery simply won’t fit. Maybe it’s to get through narrow gateways or to negotiate tight enclosures. Kubota released their SCL1000 compact stand-on loader for such tasks.

While most companies in the OPE market have been fiercely competitive, Kubota has been especially bullish. Here’s a look at what this loader offers in performance and design.

Kubota SCL1000 Compact Loader Performance and Design

kubota scl1000 compact stand-on loader

Let’s kick things off with the power plant. Kubota equipped this model with a 25-horsepower turbocharged engine, and it has a few features worth mentioning.

First, it’s capable of high-altitude performance. Moreover, it doesn’t need a diesel particulate filter. Finally, according to the company’s designers, with the hydraulic pump connected directly to the engine, it should require less maintenance.

Based on Kubota’s estimates, the SCL1000 compact loader’s top speed is around 5 mph.


  • Model: Kubota SCL1000
  • Engine: 28 HP turbocharged
  • Track width: 9.8 in
  • Hinge pin height: 84.7 in
  • Reach: 26 in
  • Dump angle: 45 degrees
  • Weight: 3,035 lbs

Naturally, this unit’s ability to lift and carry is also an important consideration. The SCL1000 may be compact, but the manufacturer ensured that it could handle an array of tasks.

kubota stand-on loader

Overall, Kubota’s SCL1000 has a rated operating capacity of 1,000 pounds–not bad for a compact loader. Furthermore, its vertical lift loader arms have a hinge pin height of roughly 7 feet and a little more than two feet of reach.

Additionally, Kubota built this model to operate in zero clearance yards; and it has a low-impact wide track design with a 4-pound-per-square-inch rating.

For a laugh and a lesson, check out our article on what not to do with heavy equipment .

Kubota SCL1000 Compact Loader Price

Get pricing options and availability info at your local Kubota dealer.

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