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Billy Goat Plugr Aerator | First Look

Next-Gen 25″ Billy Goat Plugr Reminds Us That Not All Aerators do the Same Work

Billy Goat has released the next-gen version of the PL2501 Plugr Aerator. The brand tells us that they estimate that the new Plugr offers an 30% greater return when compared to traditional drum aerators. How does Billy Goat pull off this sort of productivity?

10-Second Summary

  • Model: PL25601
  • Delivers up to 42,550 sq. ft. of aeration per hour in a single pass
  • Core depths to 2.75 inches
  • Variable Aeration Density system
  • 6 machine heat-treated hardened thin wall tines
  • EZ Lift rear foot pedal and EZ Lift n Drop tine engagement
  • 40-lb water weight tank
  • Hydro-Drive controls
  • Flip-up hood


Aering Out the Key Features

The newest Billy Goat Plugr Aerator can deliver up to 42,550 sq.ft. of aeration per hour using a single pass and coring out depths to 2.75 inches. This is possible by virtue of all the productivity and comfort features that Billy Goat has implemented.

The brand uses what they’ve coined “Variable Aeration Density” (VAD). This system creates between 2-10x more holes in one pass than traditional drum models, allowing you to vary your hole spacing from 8-48 holes per square foot. It uses a reciprocating action that drives plugs 2.75 inches deep in both wet and dry conditions. It can do patch repair and seed bed prep in one pass, eliminating double aerating.

The Billy Goat Plugr uses 6 tines, as opposed to the (around) 42 you’d get on a typical drum unit. But, rather than working with a spooning action, the Billy Goat Plugr Aerator works in a reciprocating, in-and-out action that produces less compaction on the inner surface of the hole. These tines also have a screw-in design to make servicing super simple.

Billy Goat Plugr

Obstacles and traveling woes have been virtually eliminated with Billy Goat’s EZ Lift rear foot pedal and EZ Lift n Drop tine engagement systems. The rear lift foot pedal lifts and locks the tines in place, useful for when you need to throw the aerator in reverse or onto the trailer for transport. A lever on the handle, when depressed, releases the tines from that lifted locked position and engages the reciprocating plugging action. Releasing the handle allows the tines to drag along the ground and over obstacles.

Other Features

The Plugr features a variable speed self-propelled rear-wheel drive system and front casters. Hydro-Drive controls make steering and speed control simple. You also have your choice between a 163cc Honda or 203cc Vanguard 200 engine.

Billy Goat Plugr

Additionally, the Billy Goat Plugr Aerator features a water weight tank that holds 40 lbs of water. It is positioned directly over the tines for better tine penetration and wheel traction in drier conditions. A flip-up hood gives you easy access to the motor and any belts for any maintenance.

For warranty and pricing information, as well as finding your local Billy Goat dealership, visit the Billy Goat website by clicking here .


Billy Goat Plugr AeratorSpecs

  • Model: PL2501
  • Wheels (in.) 15 in. foam-filled
  • Wheel Type: Pneumatic casters
  • Aeration Width: 42,550 sq. ft.
  • Core Depth: Up to 2.75 in.
  • Core Spacing: 3.6 in.
  • Tines: 6
  • Weight: 435 lbs
  • Length: 67 in.
  • Height: 46 in.
  • Width: 35 in.

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