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Cub Cadet Unveils Infinicut SM34

Get Your Turf Looking “Premier League” Tight

Cub Cadet recently showcased the newest edition to the Infinicut line: the SM34. Groundsmen, greenkeepers, and the press came to the Tottenham Hotspur FC training facility to see the new 34″ rotary mower in action. Like the rest of the Infinicut line, the Cub Cadet SM34 follows the design philosophy that aims to offer the best-in-class performance with an emphasis on using modern, clean power sources.

10-Second Summary

  • Model Number: SM34
  • 34″ Cutting Width
  • Wider base and lighter weight provide less stress on your turf
  • Weighs 363 lbs without the grass bag attached
  • Stamped deck that’s optimized for better airflow
  • Pre-balanced blades cause less vibration
  • Swappable cassettes for different applications, like cutting, striping, sweeping, and aeration
  • Height of cut between 8mm-35mm


What’s the Big Deal?

The Cub Cadet Infinicut line has become a popular choice amongst golf course, tennis club, and soccer pitch groundskeepers. In Infinicut fashion, the new SM34 couples the professional precision with a lightweight design that won’t cut ruts in your moneymaking turf.

The SM34, in case you’re not tipped off by the model number, is the new 34″ model. The larger cutting width ups the productivity, and because it disperses the weight better than a smaller model would, you can rest assured that you’re putting less wear on your turf. Without the grass basket attached, the Cub Cadet Infinicut weighs in at 363 lbs.

It rolls around on the durable Infinicut reel mower, and it features a stamped deck that optimizes the airflow. The blades are made from a premium, high-carbon steel that comes pre-balanced for less vibration. Of course, like the other mowers in the Infinicut line, the SM34 allows you to swap out “cassettes” depending on your application. With the 34″ model, you can attach a Thatchmaster, powered rotary brush, Sarel Roller, or Razer cutter attachment.

Also, the Cub Cadet Infinicut line is known for offering supreme precision with the height of cut. The SM34 won’t be any different here, with the height adjustment ranging between 8.5mm – 35mm. This model also comes standard with paralleling and deck pitch adjustment features. You can even choose either an engine generator or lithium battery as a power source. Obviously, in battery mode, the operation will run much more quietly while saving on fuel.

What Is MTD Saying About the Cub Cadet Infinicut SM34?

“The Infinicut Rotary was a natural product progression from our well recognised Infinicut cylinder mower range. The design of this machine is a combination of our own concepts and ideas but at the same time we’ve listened carefully to our customers feedback. The culmination is a machine that takes a known concept and places it firmly in the modern era by introducing wireless parameter adjustment via our proprietary InfiniApp.”

-John Coleman, Head of Specialty Products UK


If you care about the health of your turf and the quality of its appearance, check out the Cub Cadet Infinity line. If it’s good enough to make its way to the Premier League, as well as some of the most prestigious courts and fairways in sports, it’s likely to improve your work as well.


Cub Cadet Infinicut Specs

  • Model Number: SM34
  • Engine: Honda GX-160
  • Generator: 1.5kw continuous; 48VDC brushless
  • Sound Power Level: 81.1 dBA
  • Vibration Level: 1.23 m/s2
  • Fuel Capacity: 2.5 L
  • Battery Module: 20 Ah, 30 Ah, 40 Ah LiPo; 77.5 dBA
  • Drive Motor: 1kW continuous; brushless DC
  • Traction Drive: Via Sprocket & Chain
  • Operator Presence Control: Bail Handle & OPC Switch
  • Differential: Externally mounted
  • Traction Drum: 19cm diameter machined aluminum
  • Brakes: Electronic
  • Transport Wheels: Pneumatic 11 x 400 -5
  • Mowing Speed: Electronically controlled, 3.8 mph maximum
  • Weight: 165 Kg
  • Reel Bearings: Sealed spherical ball bearings
  • Reel Diameter: 127mm
  • Number of Blades: 7 & 11 blades
  • Blade Material: Hardened Boron Steel
  • Cutting Frequency: Variable or pre-determined
  • Reel Motor: 1kW continuous; brushless DC
  • Reel Speed: Variable or pre-determined
  • Height of Cut: 8.5mm – 35mm
  • Bedknife Material: Hardened Carbon Steel
  • B.C.D. Position: Adjustable via eccentric mounts
  • Fixed Head: Engineered for flat surfaces and provides great cut quality and precision

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