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First Look: Arnold Power Rake

Arnold Power Rake Makes Tackling The Tough Jobs Easy

For lawn chores that include dethatching, raking leaves, and scalping your lawn for reseeding purposes, check out the Arnold Power Rake. With its rigid nylon strings that poke through the broad side of an otherwise normal lawn mower blade, the power rake allows you to bag up all your lawn trash with a whole lot less effort. Plus, it mows and mulches as well. It fits most 21″ and 22″ walk-behind mowers from most major brands, and can be picked up for around the same price you’d expect to pay for a decent lawn mower blade.

10-Second Summary

  • Dethatches, Rakes, Scalps, Mulches, and Cuts Lawns
  • Can be used in conjunction with mower bag
  • Fits most 21″ and 22″ walk-behind mowers
  • Works with mowers from: AYP/EHP/Sears/Craftsman, Bolens, Honda, Huskee, Husqvarna, Lawn-Boy, MTD, Murray, Poulan, Snapper, Toro, Yard Machines, and Yardman
  • Uses replaceable .170″ nylon lines
  • MSRP:


How Does It Work?

Installing the Arnold Power Rake is pretty simple. All you really need to bring to the installation game is your mower and a wrench. It comes with all the appropriate hardware to keep it bolted to your mower: a bag of various washers and an adapter that works with some of the more unique bolt patterns out there. You can attach the Power Rake to to any mower that would use a 3/8″, 7/17″, or 5/8″ universal center hole or round hole. It comes with an adapter for a star center hole as well.

Once installed, choosing the task you want your Arnold Power Rake to accomplish is as simple as setting your mower’s deck height. For raking up leaves, you’ll want to set your deck high enough to where the ends of the nylon bristles are dragging along the top of your grass. To dethatch, you’ll adjust your mower height so that the nylon lines drag along about 1/4″ above the soil. To scalp the lawn in preparation for reseeding, set the mower low enough that the nylon lines come in constant contact with the soil.

The Power Rake will cut and mulch at any height, and you can use your mower’s bagging function at any height as well. Bagging will, of course, help with the cleanup. It’s probably also helpful to know that the Arnold Power Rake won’t damage your sprinkler heads.

Stringing Me Along

The Arnold Power Rake uses .0170″ nylon lines to give your lawn the business here. These bristles are not unlike your string trimmer line, but they are thicker and more rigid.

These are designed to be removed easily by simply pulling them out from the top of the blade. When the lines wear out, replacing them is as easy as tapping the new lines into place lightly with a hammer. The replacement lines are available for under $5.


The Arnold Power Rake retails for . When your average 21″ lawnmower blade retails for anywhere between $12 and $18, this seems like a pretty solid price on an accessory that has the potential of making your chorin’ a whole lot less back-breaking.


Arnold Power Rake Specs

  • Model Number: 490-100-0056
  • Fits most 21″ and 22″ walk-behind mowers from AYP/EHP/Sears/Craftsman, Bolens, Honda, Huskee, Husqvarna, Lawn-Boy, MTD, Murray, Poulan, Snapper, Toro, Yard Machines, and Yardman
  • 6-in-1 power rake
  • 3/8″, 7/16″, and 5/8″ universal center hole
  • Replaceable nylon lines, .0170″ thick (part number: 490-040-0016)
  • Contains blade, hardware, and dethatching line
  • MSRP:

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I have a husqvarna HU 700F model push behind mower 21”or 22”. Will the work for my mower I like the sounds of how this power rake works and thatches. Will it fit my mower! Thanks


I have a toro push mower, with bagger. I bought a Arnold power rake to dethatch my lawn. But my husband says the fittings don’t work. Is there something else I need to get . Thanks Sandy


Can this be used with my lawn tractor?