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Handle Your Business With the Toro Horizon App

Toro Horizon Software Improves Efficiency and Profits

Toro has been rolling out all sorts of new products for landscapers recently, and many of these new products tie into the brand’s upcoming all-in-one software. The Toro Horizon App gives its users the ability manage their business efficiently. Horizon provides a way for its users to, as Toro tells us, “cut the chaos down to size.”


What Toro’s Saying About the Horizon App

“Our continued commitment is to put contractors in the driver seat to help manage the daily chaos flying at them from every angle. Horizon is built to streamline a contractor’s operation, but we put extreme focus on keeping the platform easy to use and implement. More importantly, Horizon was built to scale with contractors as they grow, from the start to finish of every day and every season.”

-Dave Francis, senior marketing manager at Toro

Big Things on the Horizon

Toro claims that there isn’t another app on the market with as many productivity features as the Horizon app. Running your business while using this software will help you manage a variety of tasks common to the landscaper. The Toro Horizon app can help you keep track of your crew and equipment, automate your billing system, communicate with your team in real-time using notes and photos, manage the scheduling, and more.

The Toro Horizon app is a cloud-based platform that holds all your important data in one place. Customer data, crew details, and schedules can all be managed in the cloud. GPS tech also allows you to provide remote job estimates, while geofencing tech lets you keep track of your crew and equipment. You don’t even need to use Toro equipment to take advantage of the Horizon app; this software is compatible with all other brands.

The Toro Horizon app was designed to be super simple to use both for you, as well as the whole team. Once your crew uploads the app to their phones, they can log in using a 4-digit PIN and get to using the productivity-improving software themselves.


Test Out Toro

As of right now, Toro is looking for landscaping contractors to beta test the Horizon app. It’s free for the year for those folks involved in the testing. For more information about the app, or where to purchase the Toro line, click here .

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