Echo Backpack Blower PB-8010 Leaf Blower Reviews

Top ECHO Products from GIE Expo 2018

The GIE Expo brings in thousands of onlookers to find out what’s new from manufacturers. Many manufacturers struggle to bring one new product, and they may stretch to have two. This year Echo blew it out of the water, releasing several new power tools for the green industry. We thought we’d help out and put the top Echo products from GIE Expo into one article, so here you go.


Echo PB-8010 Backpack Blower

Most blowers either peak in CFM or in MPH, and then use marketing to brag about their high number. In reality, it’s a combination of both that get the work done. The real measurement for showing this is called Newtons. The new Echo PB-8010 blower is king of the hill in this area too, blowing 44 Newtons worth of force.

ECHO USA shows their new backpack beast of a blower. The new PB-8010 blower develops 44 Newtons of force with 1071 cfm and 211 mph. $599#gieecho18 #lawncare

Posted by OPE Reviews on Thursday, October 18, 2018

Echo PB-8010 Blower Specifications

  • Models: PB-8010H (hip throttle) and PB-8010T (tube-mounted Trigger throttle)
  • Air Volume: 1071 CFM
  • Speed: 211 MPH
  • Force: 44 Newtons
  • Engine: 79.9cc 2-stroke
  • Tank Size: 83.8 cc
  • Weight: 24.5 lbs
  • Sound: 80 dB(A)
  • MSRP: $599
  • Warranty: 2-year Commercial/5-year Consumer

Echo PB-2620 Handheld Blower Features

You don’t always have to strap something to your back to get the blowing power you need. The new Echo PB-2620 handheld blower delivers 456 cfm and 172 mph from the new 25.4 cc 2-stroke engine. On the Newton meter, the PB-2620 is pushing 15.8, right from the palm of your hand and the squeeze of the trigger. Best of all, this little power-packed blower has an MSRP of only $199. For quick jobs or for the homeowner, this is the ticket.

ECHO USA has the new PB-2620 handheld blower here at #GIEexpo leading the handheld class. 456 cfm, 172 mph, and 15.8 Newtons. $199#gieecho18 #lawncare #landscaping #gieexpo2018

Posted by OPE Reviews on Thursday, October 18, 2018

ECHO PB-2620 Handheld Blower Specifications

  • Type: Handheld Blower
  • Air Volume: 456 CFM
  • Engine Displacement: 25.4 cc
  • Maximum Air Speed: 172 MPH
  • Sound: 70 dB(A)
  • Dry Weight (lbs): 9.7
  • Fuel Capacity: 20.3 oz.
  • Warranty 5 years Consumer
  • Commercial Warranty 2 years
  • MSRP: $199



Echo CSG-7410 Gas-Powered Cut-Off Saw

Another one of the top Echo products is the brand-new Echo CSG-7410 cut-off saw. This is Echo’s first attempt at a cut-off saw, and they’re jumping in with both feet. This is a monster 73.5cc 2-stroke engine. Starting the large-displacement engine is still easy, thanks to a couple additional features. First, the CSG-7410 includes a decompression valve for initial startup. Also, the pull-rope start is spring-assisted, making the pull much easier. The fast-idle choke makes keeping the initial startup running a breeze as well. When the choke is applied, once the engine fires to life, it’s automatically set at high-idle. Once the Echo CSG-7410 is warm, just blip the throttle and the idle returns to normal. Finally, a patented 4-stage air cleaner system protects the engine from contaminants, yielding a longer life.

New ECHO USA usa CSG-7410 Cut-off Saw. 14” cutting wheel w/4.9” cutting depth. 73.5cc 2-stroke engine and 23.7 ounce fuel tank. Decompression valves for easy pull-start. $899#gie #tools #ope

Posted by OPE Reviews on Wednesday, October 17, 2018

ECHO’s CSG-7410 cut-off saw offers the highest cutting torque, due not only to the 73.5 cc engine but also the 2.6:1 drive ratio. The 14-inch wheel is belt driven, so the pulley on the engine side of the saw is 2.6x smaller than the pulley on the wheel side. The wheel is purposely centered in the saw, keeping gyrometrics (spinning bade) working for the user. However, if the need arises to make a cut close to a wall, the wheel and arm can be reversed, hence the cutting wheel will be outside-mounted.

Echo CSG-7410 Cut-off Saw Specifications

  • Type: Handheld Cut-off Saw
  • Engine Displacement: 73.5 cc
  • Engine Speed: 9800 RPM
  • Sound: 70 dB(A)
  • Blade Size: 14-inch
  • Arbor Size: 20 mm and 25.4 mm arbors
  • Fuel Capacity: 23.7 oz
  • Dry Weight (lbs): 9.7
  • Commercial Warranty: 1-year (90-day Rental)
  • MSRP: $899

EHCO CS-2511T Top-Handle Chainsaw

We actually reviewed the Echo CS-2511T top-handle saw already, and our Pro was really impressed. The small size of the CS-2511T makes it very easy to tether to yourself and climb without much of an issue. Also, the 25cc engine still puts out plenty of power to rip the chain through the trees.

While cruising through the ECHO USA booth at the GIE Expo, we spotted the tiny but powerful CS-2511T chainsaw. This mighty little wonder will get the job done, and the body is not much bigger than my hand. It's a great climbing saw for the #arborist. #opeechogie18 #chainsaw

Posted by OPE Reviews on Tuesday, October 23, 2018

CS-2511T Chainsaw Specifications

  • Engine Displacement: 25 cc
  • Bar Oil Capacity: 4.7 oz.
  • Dry Weight: 5.2 lbs.
  • Fuel Capacity: 6.4 oz.
  • Bar Type: Double-Guard 91
  • Carburetor: Butterfly-Valve Diaphragm
  • Sprocket Type: Spur
  • Oiling System: Automatic/Adjustable
  • Available Bar Lengths: 12 & 14 in.
  • Consumer Warranty: 5 years
  • Commercial Warranty 1 years
  • MSRP: $379-$389

ECHO SHC-2620 Shafted Hedge Trimmer

The SHC-2620 shafted hedge trimmer has a 51” pole with 21” double-sided, double-reciprocating blades. It weighs in at only 13-pounds, so reaching those high places may not require a ladder now.

SHC-2620 Shafted Hedge Trimmer Specifications

  • Engine Displacement: 25.4 cu. in.
  • Shaft Length: 51 in.
  • Carburetor: Rotary
  • Cutter Type: Double-sided, double-reciprocating
  • Dry Weight: 13 lbs.
  • Fuel Capacity: 20.6 oz.
  • Blade Length: 21 in.
  • Consumer Warranty 5 years
  • Commercial Warranty 2 years
  • MSRP: $499


Top Echo Products from GIE Conclusion

Echo has many more great products for the lawncare pro, landscaper, as well as for the homeowner. Be sure to check out their website  for more information, or you can also walk into your Echo dealer for a demo.




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