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Oregon 120V Pro Series Expands With A Mower and More

Oregon Debuts 120V Mower and Handheld Blower at GIE 2019

Two years ago, we had the chance to see Oregon showcase the 120V Pro Series at the GIE+Expo. Overall, it seemed like a great system that cranked out a pretty impressive amount of power at a really reasonable decibel level. It even worked in the rain. But, while the cordless lineup seemed great in a number of ways, we walked away feeling a little shortchanged that there wasn’t a mower involved in the 120V lineup.

It looks like Oregon has finally remedied that particular situation. At this past GIE, Oregon debuted a 21″ 120V mower, along with a new handheld blower. Both tools promise Pro performance and offer the same type of noise output and weather protection that we’ve come to expect from the lineup.


What Oregon Has To Say About It

“Our new mower and handheld blower continue to round out our collection of professional-grade equipment, allowing our landscaping customers to leverage the Oregon 120V Professional Series’ quiet performance on even more jobs.”

-Paul Vanderwal, Sr. Global Product Manager for Oregon

What Can We Expect From the Oregon 120V Mower?

The Oregon 120V mower is 21″ of self-propelled commercial performance and durability. It features a 14-gauge high-lift steel deck, as well as a 2-speed heavy-duty transmission that makes it one of the fastest mowers in its class. It comes with a large 2.5-bushel rear-set bag to catch clippings, though the mower also offers mulching should you prefer. You can set the height to any height between 1″ and 4.5″ in half-inch increments. And, with an IP56 rating, Oregon has designed the 120V mower to operate even in rainy conditions.

It features a 4.4 HP peak power engine that can put out 7.0 ft-lbs of peak torque that competes with 197cc gas-powered engines. With its Torque-boost technology, the mower can sense heavier loads and redistribute the power to the blade when it needs to.

Like the rest of the lineup, the Oregon 120V mower runs exceptionally quietly. They claim that, as a bystander*, the mower produces a standard 61 dB(A) that can be reduced even further by dropping the mower into Stealth Mode. At its quietest, the mower only registers 58 dB(A).

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Oregon Adds A Handheld Blower to the 120V Lineup

Along with the Oregon 120V mower, we’ve got the 120V blower joining the mix. Oregon has already had a commercial 120V blower available, but it’s really geared more toward extended blowing sessions rather than the quick driveway cleanup job.

Not the case with the new, additional model. The new handheld blower (BLH120VX) is the ideal choice for the quick, grab-n-go go type of jobs that a landscaper will encounter regularly. Even despite its smaller profile, the new 120V blower combines a 166 mph airspeed with 530 CFM volume for 18.5 N.

Again, this blower doesn’t get real loud. Oregon describes its noise output as a “very civilized 56 dB(A)” from a “bystander noise level*”. Like the rest of the tools in the 120V lineup, you can pretty much run this blower on a rainy day since it has the same IP56 rating as the rest of the line.


Look for the new Oregon 120V mower and blower at your local dealership. For more information about these tools, and the rest of Oregon’s 120V stable of tools, click here .

*We’re not entirely sure what this means. Since “bystander distance” isn’t clearly defined, it’s tough to say how quiet this in comparison to the other cordless tools that we’ve tested at the operator’s ear.

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