June 16, 2021

Power Aerator Reviews

Turfco Turnaer XT10 Stand-On Aerator

Turfco Stand-On Aerator Pulls Double Duty The Turfco XT10 TurnAer Stand-On Aerator has the capability to drastically speed up the productivity of your landscaping efforts, whether you’re working on residential, commercial, or sports turf accounts. Between its zero-turn steering, unique AutoDepth Control tine-setting capacity, and optional 60-lb seeding attachment, the XT10 has the tools to […]

Billy Goat Lawn Aerator FI2

PL2501 25-inch Billy Goat Lawn Aerator Preview

Aerating a lawn is not rocket surgery, hence it can be accomplished in a variety of means. Let’s face it though, nobody wants to be walking around in a pair of spiked shoes, or have their kids pulling a weighted drum, putting holes in a lawn. Thanks to the Billy Goat PLUGR, handling the lawn aerator […]