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Echo Black Diamond Trimmer Line Review

Do you enjoy a good argument? Just ask a group of landscapers: What’s the best trimmer line? Then, sit back with a glass of iced tea and enjoy the show. I do it all the time – it’s fun! Ok, I’m not that cynical.

We recently had the opportunity to use the new Echo Black Diamond trimmer line. In fact, it was the only line we used in our Best Gas-Powered String Trimmer Shootout. In an effort to keep a level playing field (all things equal), we used one trimmer line for every string trimmer.

Black Diamond Trimmer Line Features

Looking at the Black Diamond trimmer line, one of the first noticeable features is the twisted geometry. This twisted design decreases aerodynamic drag, hence allowing higher rpm. The crosscut image of this line looks like a square with arrowhead points sticking out each corner. These points on each corner provide a sharp edge to actually cut the grass and weeds.

With better aerodynamic drag, Echo Black Diamond trimmer line also provides a more stable flight path. The string stands out and rotates on the same plain, providing an even cutting swath.

Using the Black Diamond in the Shootout

Black Diamond trimmer line was installed on each of the 10 string trimmers in our shootout. We used the same trimmer line for all our testing. The Black Diamond was impressive with how fast it cut the weeds. Even the trimmers that were not as powerful, they still cut very well.
During testing, it didn’t matter whether it was grass, weeds or small saplings, the Black Diamond line cut right through.

Echo Black Diamond Trimmer Line Specifications

Black Diamond Trimmer Line MSRP

ECHO SRM-2620T with Black DiamondFinal Thoughts

We were very impressed with the Black Diamond trimmer line, especially with the performance in cutting. It was very fast to cut any grass or weeds, and it also cut clean. We did notice that it seems to use a bit of line when in the thick stuff. This wasn’t at a pace that concerned us, but it is noticeable. We chalk it up to be a small cost paid for getting a better cut and performance. In addition, the cost of the line seems to be in the median range, and definitely not the highest price. It’s great that you can get the Black Diamond trimmer line in either .095 or .105 diameter.

This performed very well for our shootout, and we recommend this for the homeowner or commercial lawn crew. You can find the Echo Black Diamond trimmer line here or at your local dealer.

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Chris Driver

ive found it break easly and causes my stihl head to make noise and the head does it want to stopwhen you throttle down