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The Eden App: Service Your Lawn From Your Smartphone

Is the Eden App the New Uber for Lawn Servicing and Snow Removal?

You can’t expect a good idea to stay proprietary. Years ago, Uber set the standard for app-based taxi services, and there’s no denying that it’s been wildly successful. So successful, in fact, that its business model has been appropriated by other types of service over and over again. Take the Eden app, for instance. This app lets you book landscaping, lawn care, or snow removal service straight from your smartphone.


How Does It Work?

Eden app

To get started, you’ll have to download the Eden app, either through the Google or Apple stores or via the company’s website, Edenapp.com . From there, the app will ask you for some details about your property and the work you need to be done.

Eden will put its own algorithm to use to provide you a competitive price quote. If you like the quote and give the app your OK, it posts the job listing for a nearby licensed contractor to accept.

Once your service provider accepts the contract, you’ll get up-to-date progress information piped to your phone. The contractor will take a picture of the yard before starting the work. After the work has been completed, he will send you pictures of your freshly serviced yard.

Eden For The Pro

All of this sounds great for the consumer, but the Eden app also provides a service for the lawn Pro. Landscapers and lawn techs that work with Eden can work when they want, accept only particular types of jobs, and grow their business at their own pace.

Eden app

The app lets you see available jobs in a search area that you define, so you don’t wind up accepting work that’s 20 miles away (unless you want to). You can limit the amount and type of work by adjusting your preferences in the app as well.

The app sets the price of the job, so you only have to accept jobs that make financial sense for you. Eden’s prices are based on the median norm for your particular region, so you don’t have to worry that you’ll be working for a cut rate. Once you’ve accepted the job, the Eden app will route you to the address with a map and directions.

You can also message the client from the app, and if there is any add-on work, you can enter in the amount of time it will take to complete. Once the customer confirms that your quote is acceptable, and the service details have been agreed upon, you’ll snap a picture of the “before.” When you’ve finished the job, you’ll snap a picture of the completed work. You’ll then have the ability to rate the job and the client.

What Type of Work?

Right now, the Eden app offers lawn mowing, yard work, landscaping, and snow removal services. With mowing and snow removal, you can opt for one-time service or you can set up recurring service. There are no contracts involved, and no seasonal fees.


With the on-demand yard work and landscaping options, you can hire a contractor to take care of things like fall cleanup, fertilization, mulching, power washing, irrigation, and more. For a full list of the services available, go to Eden’s website here .


Can I Get the Eden App in My Area?

For the time being, Eden’s services are only available in the Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Colombus, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Naples, and Fort Myers markets, with a healthy presence in Canada as well. However, you can expect more cities to open up as the company expands into new markets.

For more information about the Eden app, check out the Eden website by clicking here .

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