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Greenworks Commercial Zero Turn Mowers Video

A few years ago, Greenworks introduced us to their battery-powered zero turn mower prototypes. We even had the chance to drive around these prototypes at last year’s GIE Expo in Lousiville, Kentucky. And now, finally, in what seems like a release that’s been a long time coming, we might actually get to see the fruits of all this labor soon. The Greenworks Commercial Zero Turn Mowers are set to launch this upcoming July.


Greenworks Commercial Zero Turn Mowers

This is fantastic news, assuming that the release goes according to plan. Our very limited experience with the prototype was largely positive. The Greenworks Commercial Zero Turn Mowers felt comfortable to drive, without the weird jitters and jolts that seem to come from the instant torque that battery power can generate.

Two models will become available: a stand-on and a ride-on model. Greenworks plans to officially launch this new lineup in July. We’ll keep you informed of any developments as we learn more.


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