Kubota ZD1000 Series Zero Turn Mowers


The Kubota ZD1000 Series zero turn mowers offer engines with better fuel economy, enhanced ignition efficiency, and low vibration and noise levels. This series of zero turn mowers also offer the Aerodynamic Cutting System (ACS) Kubota PRO Deck, where airflow inside the deck is optimized for faster, more efficient cutting and discharge. The ACS feature works by preventing clippings from clumping, sticking to the walls of the deck. Instead, it recirculates them to be cut again. The Kubota ZD1000 series zero turn mowers have low center of gravity for great stability, while the adjustable front axle has 2 set-up options to optimize mowing comfort and performance.

Kubota ZD1000 Series PRO Deck

Kubota engines offer their original hydrostatic transmission. With its hermetically-sealed structure, the transmission requires no maintenance. When general system maintenance is needed, the Kubota ZD1000 series zero turn mowers provide easy engine access via the hood. There’s also a maintenance hatch under the platform mat that provides fast access to the upper mower, mower belt, gearbox case, universal joint and oil filter.

Kubota ZD1000 Series CleanCut bladeThe ZD1000 is a new series from Kubota. These recent line of mowers also have new spindle shaft. The durable and larger shafts are believed to create better airflow inside the deck. Its redesigned Clean-Cut cutting blades have a new shape that improves load balance and cutting efficiency. Adding to the list of new things, the ZD1000 are manufactured with a flexible discharge chute and new foldable ROPS for compliance with OSHA and ISO standards. The ZD1000 series includes a new suspension seat, new ergonomically designed control layout, new HST levers, a thicker platform mat, and larger storage box with cup holder.

Kubota ZD1000 Series Zero Turn Mowers Key Features

  • ACS Kubota PRO deck (Aerodynamic Cutting System)
  • New spindle shaft
  • New Clean-Cut blades
  • New flexible discharge chute
  • Kubota diesel engines
  • Kubota durable transmission
  • Easy mower and engine access
  • New foldable ROPS
  • Outstanding stability
  • Adjustable front axle (oscillating/rigid)
  • New low profile tires
  • New suspension seat
  • New ergonomically designed control layout
  • New HST levers
  • Shaft drive mower
  • Hands-free parking brake
  • Hydraulic deck lift
  • New, thicker platform mat
  • New and bigger storage box and cup holder
  • Maintenance lift (Optional)

Available Kubota ZD1000 Series Models

  • Kubota ZD1011-48, equipped with a 19.3 HP Kubota diesel engine and 48″ ACS Kubota PRO deck
  • Kubota ZD1011-54, equipped with a 19.3 HP Kubota diesel engine and 54″ ACS Kubota PRO deck, and 2-pedal hydraulic deck lift system
  • Kubota ZD1021-60, equipped with 21.6 HP diesel engine and 60″ ACS Kubota PRO deck

Specifications of each models is available at Kubota website, click here .

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