Hustler Super S Stand On Zero Turn Mower Reviews

Stand Up – Hustler Super S Stand On Mower Preview

Sometimes sitting down is not an option. Zero Turns are now the typical go-to mower for lawn crews today, however, it shouldn’t be the only mower in your arsenal. When it comes to maneuverability, it’s hard to beat a good stand on mower. The Hustler Super S stand on delivers with smaller dimensions, convenient controls, and with plenty of power to boot. The smaller footprint of a stand on doesn’t end in the yard, it’s great on the trailer too.


Hustler Super S Features

Hustler Super S Controls

Hustler Super S Controls

The small footprint of the Hustler Super S allows the operator to go just about anywhere, and definitely where other mowers can’t. The Super S is available from the 36-inch deck, being the smallest, all the way up to the 60-inch. Hustler also offers the Super S in a 48 and 52-inch configuration. Power comes from either the Kawasaki or Kohler EFI, from 15hp to 25hp. Depending on size and power, the Super S forward speed comes in between 8-9 mph.

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When it comes to shrinking down zero turn features and options to fit in a compact stand on, Controls become a big focus. With the Hustler Super S, the controls not only perform, but they strive to deliver with comfort and ergonomics in mind. Lawncare is laborious work, so providing controls with less user fatigue is important. Furthermore, much attention was given to positioning the operator in order to provide comfort, even for a full days work.

Hustler Super S Standing Deck

In addition to ergonomic controls, Hustler designed the Super S to be maintenance friendly as well. Servicing these units are simple and easy, using common hand tools. Hustler understands that not only the operator needs to feel comfortable, the technician shouldn’t be flustered when topping off fluids, changing blades and belts, and routine oil changes.

All Hands – Feet- On Deck

Welded Steel Deck

Welded Steel Deck

Following the attention to detail and deck construction of their Zero Turn, the Hustler Super S stand on includes a welded steel deck. This heavy-duty design is built to handle long years ahead. While small footprint can be a plus, ground pressure can be a problem with smaller tires. Hustler offers the Super S models with up to 20-inch drive tires, so your customers can rest at ease.

Final Word

We have yet to give the Hustles Super S stand on mower a real shake-down in a review, but it seems to have the features to stand out. With multiple size and power options, there should be Super S to fit your needs. Prices for Hustler Super S seem to be in the $7,500 to $9,700 range, depending on the size and options. Hustler claims to have the best warranty in its class, available with the 2-Year, no hour limit, or 5-year, 500 hours. We look forward to doing a full review of the Hustler Super S stand on mower, so stay tuned and keep up with us on social media.


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Bradley Fee

I prefer to sit down myself. I believe Long hours of standing is not only tiresome but hard on the knees. Now I do own a smaller stand behind but it is mainly used for mowing fenced-in areas and small areas that are hard to maneuver in with a bigger mower.

Chris Driver