Tool Toons: Harly and the Backpack Blower

Tool Toons Harly and the Backpack Blower

It’s time for another guest post from our resident Tool Kid, Caleb DeBoer. We occasionally give Caleb a tool topic to write about (this month it was cordless backpack blowers), and he goes to town writing a story. This month’s episodic is entitled Harly and the Backpack Blower, and it centers around our favorite superhero dog, Harly, and his attempts to thwart another evil cat invasion…

Harly and the Backpack Blower

Harly was walking home. Who is Harly, you might ask? Harly is your average Joe Dog on the outside, but on the inside he’s really one of the most powerful superheroes in the world. He had gotten his powers when a science experiment went terribly wrong (or terribly right, depending upon your viewpoint). He decided that he would use his powers for good, but right now—this very afternoon—Harly just wanted to blow the leaves off his yard. He chose the perfect tool for the job—an EGO 56V backpack blower! However, just as he got started, the Crime Alert alarm went off. The leaves would have to wait. Harly got out of his normal clothes and changed into…

…Blaze! The awesome fire-powered pup leapt into the air and flew off to save the day…

Little did he know it was all a trap.

Harly and the Backpack Blower
Early quickly transforms into the superhero Blaze!

As Blaze flew through the sky, he spotted some cats robbing a bank! He landed and told them to stop, but—no sooner had he said it than one of the cats turned and fired a strange looking gun at him…And that was the last thing Blaze remembered.

Harly woke up in a dark room. He tried to use his powers, but they wouldn’t work. The strange-looking gun the cats had used somehow temporarily reversed his powers! He tried to think of ideas, but none of them would work…until he remembered the backpack blower. Harly had a small remote control device hidden in his pants that could send him back home at any time via teleportation.

He activated the device. As soon as he got home, he ran and grabbed the blower and a few smooth stones. He then teleported back to the dark room by reversing the controls on the remote and waited for the cats to arrive.

When the cats came in to question him, he put a stone in the blower and turned it on. Harly and the backpack blower went to work. The stone flew out of the cordless blower at over 150 mph and knocked the first cat out cold! He blew another stone at the second cat and kicked the third above the kneecap. He ran out of the room and cleared the base, knocking out cats one by one.

When he got to the central control room, the Boss Cat was already gone. Harly looked up through the clear glass roof and saw a stealth jet taking off in the distance. The Boss Cat had gotten away once again, but Harly had still saved the day.

Walking home, Harly decided that he should probably use cool power tools in every mission that came his way.

The action, however, was still not over…

Later That Evening

Location: Unknown
Time: Unknown

The Boss Cat had another brilliant plan—or rather one he would steal from his arch enemy. He was going to use power tools in his evil plans as well! He started working right away…assembling an army of cats armed with deadly string trimmers! Hundreds of the best battery-powered string trimmers went missing from all over the world—all of them finding their way into the Boss Cat’s new lair. To complete his plan, dozens of new cat recruits from all over the world were being trained to use the string trimmers as deadly weapons.

And finally, they were ready to attack.

Location: Harly’s Shed
Time: 7:00pm

Harly opened the door to his shed, and three cats jumped out at him! Harly was only momentarily taken aback and quickly kicked the first into the second. He then pulled a tool off of the wall of his shed and whacked the third cat with it. Looking down at the tool he was holding, he smiled.

It was a cordless string trimmer…

(to be continued!)

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Letra Davis

Awesome story Caleb! I enjoyed working with my father when I was a kid using various tools but if I had read a great story such as this back then, who knows -I might have chosen a different field of work. Maybe a tool woman.
Again, very proud of you Caleb.

Stephen Glaesman

Awesome Caleb!

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