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Highlights From The 2017 GIE Expo

If you were anywhere near the Louisville, Kentucky area around October 18-20 this year, you probably knew about the Green Industry and Equipment Expo. Come to think of it, if you were in the area and read this site, the chances are pretty good that you were actually at the expo with us. If that’s the case, then a lot of what you’re about to see won’t come as any surprise. But, if you missed the event this year, here are some of the things we got excited about from the 2017 GIE Expo.


Mean Green Mowers

The folks at Mean Green Mowers just released a commercial walk behind #mower with up to 7 hours run-time!

Posted by OPE Reviews on Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Mean Green Mowers showed up at the 2017 GIE Expo with a few of their all-electric models in tow, but were actively showcasing their newest commercial model of “green” mower, the Mean Green Revolt. Like the rest of the Mean Green lineup, the Revolt offers low noise output, low maintenance, zero emissions, and zero gas. Offering a deck size of 48″ or 52″, this walk-behind mower runs on 1 or 2 48V batteries, and can run for up to 7 hours on a charge.  Mean Green designed the Revolt with a low center of gravity to help handle slopes more efficiently.

The 2017 GIE Expo

To learn more, visit MeanGreenProducts.com.


Hustler showed up in a serious way with their Super 104 zero-turn mower. In case you can’t see the picture to figure it out, the “104” means 104-inches of cut. The kicker is, once the wings are folded in with the hydraulic rams, it’s only 80-inces wide, hence it fits on a standard lawn trailer. Fitted with the Vanguard big-block 37EFI, the Super 104 powers five blades via belts in the bat-wing style deck. You want to be the envy of the mowing club? Show up with this Hustler Super 104 hooked to your truck.

Hustler Super 104 ZT at GIE Expo 2017


The new DEWALT 40V string #trimmer has a 17” swath and accepts 0.095 and 1.05 line. It has 2-speeds – 5500/6600 RPM and…

Posted by OPE Reviews on Thursday, October 19, 2017

DeWalt showcased their newest line of 40V string trimmers. With a 17″ swath and variable speed controls, the DCST995T1 runs for up to 75 minutes on a single charge from DeWalt’s new 9.0Ah battery (which will come available in early Spring next year). The new trimmer weighs in at 14.5 lbs with the battery attached, and can operate with .095″ and 1.05″ line.

The 2017 GIE ExpoThey also showed up ready to promote their new 6-Pack Charging Station, the DCB116. The 10 Amp charger sequentially recharges 7.5Ah 40V Max Lithium-Ion batteries in 60 minutes. It has an IP24 water resistance rating, and an intelligence circuit that automatically charges the battery closest to a full charge to maximize battery availability. LED charging indicators let the user know which batteries are charging, which batteries are waiting to be charged, and which batteries have completed charging.

The DCB116 can charge at home or on the go, as it has both generator and inverter compatibility. It retails for around $399.

To learn more, visit DeWalt.com.



Enter to #win an @egopowerplus backpack #blower http://bit.ly/ptrgiveaway Visit the link to earn extra entries! #ope #landscaping #landscapers #giveaway #tools

Posted by OPE Reviews on Thursday, October 19, 2017

EGO brought their line of cordless outdoor power equipment that all runs on the 56V Arc Lithium battery platform. Their LB6000 was a big hit at the show. Many people had the opportunity to try out the backpack blower in a simulated leafy environment, which was a lot of fun. This blower features a brushless motor, variable speed controls, and a turbo boot that brings your total CFM to around 600. At low speed, this you’ll get about 180 minutes of runtime on a 7.5Ah battery charge. Sold exclusively at Home Depot, this cordless electric backpack blower retails for just over $200 for the bare tool.

EGO also showcased their newest multi-tool. The Power Plus Multi-Head System revolves around the PH1400 Power Head, which powers one of a variety of trimming and pruning attachments. As of right now, the available attachments include a string trimmer, edger, hedge trimmer, and pole saw. An extension pole is also available, should you need extra legth for your pole saw and hedge clippers.

For more information, check out the EGO product page at EgoPowerPlus.com. EGO products are sold exclusively at Home Depot.

Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet previewed their new line of Hydro Walk-Behind Mowers. Scheduled for release in the fall of next year, these new walk-behinds will feature durable construction, improved steering capabilities, and electric start Kawasaki engines.

The Cub Cadet Hydro walk-behind Pro HW 300 #mower has a triple plated deck with heavy frame rails. Great over curbs and inclines.

Posted by OPE Reviews on Thursday, October 19, 2017


Oregon stepped up their chainsaw game, showcasing the Oregon 720, a new automatic chainsaw blade sharpener. We were really excited about the prospect of being able to set the sharpening in motion, and then leaving to do other work.

Who would love to have this Oregon 720 auto chain grinder? #gie #tools #chainsaw #chainsaws #ope

Posted by OPE Reviews on Friday, October 20, 2017

They also unveiled their line of commercial grade 120V outdoor power equipment. All of the new line runs off of either a 14 lb, 9.0Ah backpack battery, or a 10.9 lb, 5.0Ah backpack battery. The new lineup includes a blower, hedge trimmer, string trimmer, and edger. All of their new tools are designed to run quietly in any weather condition.

All of their new lineup should become available in 2018. To learn more, visit OregonProducts.com.



Gas…battery…Grab both! Makita Tools USA has #cordless and 4-stroke power heads that work with the same attachments #landscaping #gie

Posted by OPE Reviews on Friday, October 20, 2017

Makita basically brought their entire catalog of equipment to the 2017 GIE Expo this year. Everything from chainsaws and blowers, to powered wheelbarrows and robo vacuums were on display. While it was all pretty fun to play with, one of their releases we’re very excited about comes by way of an interchangeable gas/electric multi-head system. Basically, the user can choose between an electric power head that runs off either Makita’s LXT platform, or a 4-stroke, gas-powered head. Both of these power heads work with trimming and pruning attachments, including a curved shaft and straight shaft string trimmer, an edger, a hedge trimmer, a cultivator, and a pole saw. An extension is also available.

For a closer look, check out MakitaTools.com.


2017 GIE Expo

Greenworks showed up to the 2017 GIE Expo with an assortment of commercial grade OPE. They showed off some new chainsaws, trimmers, backpack blowers, and push mowers that operate on the company’s 82V professional line. But, the real excitement came from the Greenworks line of ZT mowers. Powered by an 82V, 13.8kw battery system, these mowers are fully capable of running for anywhere between 4 1/2 to 6 hours on a charge. The most impressive feature, for us, was how well they handled; steering these mowers felt similar to what we’re used to with gas-powered ZT mowers. Everything about these mowers felt smooth, and we’re looking forward to their release in 2018.

See what Greenworks is up to at GreenworksCommercial.com.


How do you outfit your #zeroturn #mower ? #lawncare #landscaping #landscapers #gie

Posted by OPE Reviews on Friday, October 20, 2017

Finally, one of my personal highlights came by way of Spartan Mowers. We had the opportunity to watch some of these mowers in action, and I can safely say that the Spartan models had both torque and hustle. Unfortunately, none of the demo models were outfitted with gun turrets and rocket launchers like this display model, but perhaps those features can be custom ordered? I’m crossing my fingers.

Check out the line of beefy Spartan Mowers at SpartanMowers.com.

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