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Hustler Turf Super 88 Zero Turn Commercial Mower

Hustler Shows Off An Impressive 88-Inch Deck at GIE

Today at the GIE+Expo in Lousiville, KY, Hustler debuted the Super 88, a zero turn mower designed to increase productivity for commercial operators. Though set for release in early 2020, we got to take an early look at this stand-on that promises the cut quality and efficiency of a 54″ stand-on zero turn mower, but with the actual productivity of an 88″ deck.

Super 88 Highlights

  • Widest commercial stand-on mower available
  • Heavy-duty fabricated frame
  • SmoothTrak steering
  • Deck folds to 76″ for transport
  • 13.9-gallon fuel tank
  • Commercial engine options


What Hustler Has To Say About It

“As stand-on mowers gain in popularity with commercial audiences, the Super 88 will become an important part of the Hustler Turf catalog. This mower solves problems, helping to reduce operator fatigue while providing the agility to maneuver in tight spaces.”

-Adam Mullet, Vice President, Sales and New Products for Excel Industries

What’s The Big Deal?

The obvious talking point with the Super 88 has to do with the 88″ deck. It’s large and in charge, but rather than being bulky and cumbersome like you would expect from a deck this wide, the mower remains maneuverable. Hustler promises that the Super 88 will offer the same quality of cut as a smaller mower as well.

But, another notable point is the two engine options available for the Super 88. You can choose between a Vanguard 36HP carbureted engine and a Vanguard 37HP EFI engine with the Oil Guard System.

What is the Oil Guard System? On these engines, Vanguard has moved the oil storage away from the engine sump, which keeps it protected from thermal breakdown. Oil Guard engines have a 5-quart capacity and an aluminum bulk oil reservoir, which also helps to disperse heat. Finally, Oil Guard engines have better filtration thanks to an 82% larger, automotive-style filter with cyclonic filter action to decrease aeration.

After an initial break-in period, you can operate the mower for 500 hours between oil changes. When the norm with mower engines is around 100 hours between oil changes, this 500-hour interval is a marked improvement that means less downtime and more “making that money” time. And, because a Vanguard Oil Guard Engine runs at a lower temperature with better filtration, you can expect a longer engine life.

Hustler Turf Super 88 Highlights

Maneuverability is a key feature with the Hustler Turf Super 88. The brand has achieved peak handling by including their SmoothTrak steering on this mower. This gives you the sort of smooth and precise steering that lets you glide around obstacles, making zero-radius turns with the grace of a fancy lawn ballerina.

The Hustler Super 88 also features the type of heavy-duty-ness that you’d expect from something geared toward the Pro market. A fabricated frame means that you won’t need to worry too much about the mower’s durability when you inevitably run it into a wall or fence. A 13.9-gallon fuel tank means that you can run into fences all day long without having to stop to refuel. And, because the wings fold up to a positively svelte 76″ width, fitting the Super 88 onto the trailer shouldn’t be an issue.


Because the Hustler Super 88 is built to the highest standards, they don’t mind backing the mowers up with a super-solid 2-year/no hour limit or 5-year/500 hour limited warranty. Visit – or visit your local dealer – for more details.

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