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John Deere Unveils New 3-Bag Material Collection System

Leaf and Clipping Collection Gets Easier with an Improved Bagging System

John Deere announced that they’ve expanded their mower attachment lineup with a new 3-bag Material Collection System (MCS). This new bagging system is compatible with all Z900 mower models and features an improvement to John Deere’s previous designs for material collection. The new John Deere MCS ramps up the efficiency and performance over and above previous designs.


John Deere on the Benefits of the New MCS

“For professional landscape contractors, time is money, and we understand the importance of efficiency while mowing. One of the more time-consuming parts of mowing is cleaning up grass clippings. With the improved three-bag Material Collection System, grass and leaves are efficiently captured in the system. Additionally, as a result of the improved system design, captured materials are easily dumped, boosting overall productivity.”

-Natalie Haller, product manager, John Deere

Efficiency and Productivity

Despite the fact that the new John Deere Material Collection System includes three bags, the overall design actually reduces its overall size. This makes it easier to maneuver around as well as easier to throw on the trailer for transport.

Another improvement to the design revolves around the location of the blower housing. On the new John Deere MCS, it’s located right behind the rear tire of the mower. The benefit here is that the clippings have a shorter path to travel between the blower and the bag, reducing the occurrence of clogged hoses. The reduced distance also creates a stronger suction, which reduces the need for second passes and saves the operator time.


The John Deere MCS features an 11-3/4″, heavy-duty impeller to chop up your clipping into even finer bits, allowing you to pack more clippings into your bags. The bags that come with this newer edition of the MCS are lighter than the previous model as well. Even when full, these new bags are easier to unload and empty.

Finally, the John Deere Material Collection System clips onto the mower tool without the need for tools. This allows you to transition from collection to side-discharge quickly.

For more information about the new John Deere Material Collection System, or the Z900 ZTrak line of John Deere mowers, visit or contact your local dealer.

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