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Prank Ideas for April Fool’s Day, OPE-Style

Make This April Fool’s A Day To Remember For Your Clients, Boss, Employees, or Anyone Else Who Crosses Your Path

It’s that special time of year again where you can let out your inner prankster. Of course, you could get a lot more productive with your tomfoolery if work didn’t get in the way. April Fool’s Day or not, most of us still have work to do and accounts to manage. Why not kill two birds with one stone? We compiled a list of our favorite April Fool’s Day lawn pranks, most of which can be accomplished while you’re making those dolla dolla bills, y’all.


Best OPE Prank Ideas for April Fool’s Day

Forkin’ and Flockin’

This one’s pretty much a classic in the lawn prank canon. Basically, go to the store and buy a bunch of plastic forks. The more, the better. Then, jam them all into the lawn. Ideally, you want to stick them in far enough to not get blown away, but no so far in that they could snap off into the lawn.

April Fool's Day Lawn Pranks

Alternatively, if you’ve got some money to spend, you can add a tropical feel to this prank by using plastic lawn flamingos.

April Fool's Day Lawn Pranks

If it’s an election year, and if you planned ahead, you can also use old campaign signs for this one. Honestly, this prank isn’t all that tough to get creative with…which seems like a nice segue into the next lawn prank…

Christmas at Springtime

This one can go a few different directions. You can continue to play off the idea from the last prank, but of course, this assumes that you put in the work ahead of time by saving as many dead trees as you could from last year’s Christmas season. Sure, storing that many dried up, old Christmas trees somewhere creates a huge fire hazard, but do you want to win April Fool’s Day or don’t you?

At any rate, take as many Christmas trees as you have, along with a posthole digger, and plant them all around your victim’s yard! It’ll look like a real nuclear winter wonderland!

Editor’s Note: Don’t actually do this unless you don’t mind a surefire lawsuit against you for the destruction of property.

For a less-extreme approach, use your old Christmas lights to decorate the eaves around your victim’s house. Actually, any old Christmas decorations will work here, from plastic Santa Clauses to fake snow blankets. For the best results, really let yourself get into the spirit of the holiday!

April Fool's Day Lawn Pranks

Nicolas Cage Garden Party

April Fool's Day Lawn Pranks

Get a hold of a few life-sized cardboard cutouts of Nicolas Cage (this can probably be accomplished at your local FedEx Office store). Ideally, you’ll want a variety of Nicolas Cages from across his entire body of work (do yourself a favor and definitely grab a Wicker Man-era Nicolas Cage). Then, show up to your favorite client’s yard and place them in and around their garden. When your victim gets home, they’ll be greeted with their own private little fiesta with one of our greatest National Treasures!

To up the creepy factor, take a cutout of his face, and tape it to the outside of your client’s bathroom window. Peek-a-boo, Nic sees you!

Nothing says you have to use Nicolas Cage for this, but c’mon, tell me this isn’t the perfect face for this kind of thing.

Stencil Time

Here’s a harmless way to send your victim an April Fool’s day message via their lawn. First, grab a poster board. You’ll use this for a stencil; cut out whatever message it is you want to send. We’ve found that cutting your stencil into the shape of your victim’s rival team’s logo is a good direction to work in, but whatever, it’s up to you.

Then, grab a spray bottle filled with water and a bag of flour. Mist the area in the lawn where you want your message to go, lay down the stencil, and apply your flour. The water will ensure that your message won’t blow away!

For a more time-released but long-lasting approach, skip the flour and just use the stencil to guide you in laying down fertilizer. Your victim will see your greener, more luxurious message in two to five days.

Put ‘Em In A Bodybag, Johnny

This Pranksgiving season, put those lawn clippings and leaves to good use. Rather than bagging them up in the same tired, old way you’ve gotten used to, add a little morbid zest to the job!

Photo Credit: Casey Albert, Pinterest

You’ll need some large garbage bags and some rope (duct tape also works well). Empty all your clippings into a couple of bags, but only fill them about 3/4 full. You’ll need the extra room to work with. Then, feed the opening of one bag into the other. They’ll want to separate, but you can tape or staple them together if you need.

Lie the combined bag flat on the ground and work it into an oblong shape. Then, you’ll wind your rope around the bag to give it the shape and appearance of a body. Pay special attention to roping off a round head. Remember that the human body generally tapers down from the shoulders. As you continue to wind and wrap your rope down the bags, rope off the areas where the elbows, waist, knees, and ankles would be. We’re aiming for authenticity here!

For some added flair that the neighbors will be sure to appreciate, use some white trash bags with some red food coloring and hang them upside down from a tree! And, if you can get your hands on some police tape, so much the better; you can rope the area off! Don’t be afraid to get creative with it!



Lawn pranks are fun, but be responsible with them. In other words, know your audience, and don’t do anything that’s going to get you fired or sued. We at OPEReviews.com absolve ourselves of all responsibility for any trouble you might take upon yourself by following any of these aforementioned suggestions…and speaking of suggestions, if you’ve got any prank ideas for April Fool’s Day that you care to share, feel free to leave them in the comments section below!

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