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Tapplock One+ Padlock System | Manage Your Security

Tapplock One+ Keeps Stuff Secure Without Keys

Security can be a regular part of our business expenses, and for many of us, padlocks can fall into that category. They help keep our trailers and sheds secure, but keeping track of keys and who has them can present a challenge. That’s why the Tapplock One+ padlock looks like it could improve the security of your landscaping business. It foregoes the need for physical keys, allowing you to program up to 500 fingerprints for quick and easy access to your valuables.

10-Second Security

  • Unlock via fingerprint, bluetooth, or programmable morse code
  • Stores up to 500 fingerprints
  • Shareable Bluetooth access
  • Set flexible dates and times for access
  • Track and monitor shared access history with time and location stamps
  • Durable
  • IP67 waterproof and dustproof
  • Functional between -4°F and 149°F
  • Rechargeable battery last one year on 2-hour charge
  • Price: $89 $99


Key Features (Pun Very Much Intended)

The fact that the Tapplock One+ Padlock can store up to 500 different fingerprints could be considered impressive in its own right, but it would also be difficult to manage were it not for the Tapplock app. With this app, you can manage all of the Tapplock One+ padlocks in your inventory.

Tapplock One+

You can share Bluetooth access remotely with as many users as you’d like. You can set permanent or limited access, or you can select flexible dates and times for access to particular users. Access privileges can be revoked whenever you’d like. You can even track each lock’s access history with time and location stamps from the Tapplock app.

The Tapplock One+ capacitive fingerprint sensor unlocks the shackle in under 0.8 seconds. The lock uses an adaptive algorithm to become faster and more accurate with each access.

Tapplock also gives you three ways to pop this lock. The fingerprint access has been talked about already, and the Bluetooth remote access has been mentioned as well. But Tapplock has also included backup Morse Code unlocking. Long/short press combinations on the power button will also grant you access.

The Tapplock One+ padlock has a one-year battery life per charge, which amounts to about 3,500 unlocks. You can check your battery status from the app, though at 10% charge, the lock will begin blinking red. In the event that you do run it out of power completely, an 8-second charge from any battery pack will be enough to reopen the lock. For a full recharge, expect to have the lock on the charger for around 2 hours.

Bold, Sturdy, and Secure

As far as the actual lock goes, Tapplock claims the One+ padlock features “unbreakable durability.” It uses 7mm reinforced stainless steel shackles. It features a double-layered lock design with anti-shim and anti-pry technologies.

Tapplock One+

Tapplock also tells us that the One+ padlock is basically weatherproof. It carries an IP67 rating, meaning that it ought to be able to function even when completely submerged. It won’t rust, dust won’t affect performance, and it will still operate between -4°F and 149°F (-20°C – 65°C).


The Tapplock One+ padlock retails for $99 (though we found one on Amazon for $10 bucks less ). Granted, this is about 8-10 times more expensive than your standard keyed or combination padlocks, and 3 times more than other fingerprint padlocks. However, given the vast amount of fingerprint storage, Bluetooth accessibility and app management features, long battery life, and weatherproofing, perhaps it’s worth it to you.

It comes with a one-year warranty.


For more information about the Tapplock One+, check out the company website by clicking here .

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