Plott Carta Landscaping Tool Reviews

Plott Introduces Carta | First Digital Measuring Wheel

Plott Digital Measuring Wheel Saves Time, Money, and Headaches

Plott, a company that builds simple solutions for the DIY and construction sectors, has introduced Carta, the industry’s first digital measuring wheel. By connecting the wheel to the Lets Plott app, you can quickly create an interactive map of your home projects.

Plott Carta Digital Measuring Wheel

• Create and design projects with the Lets Plott app
• Calculate the area, materials needed, and total cost in the app
• Shows real-world key points with a known starting point
• 99.98% accurate
• Measure in yards, feet, inches, and meters
• Features IP54 rating
• Price: $199


Plott Carta

Easy-Mode Cartography

The Plott Carta works in tandem with the Lets Plott Platform, saving users time, money, and the frustrations associated with calculating measurements and costs.

With the Carta digital measuring wheel, you can draw out paths in real-time, adding notes, images, and videos within the app. The app will record distance, area, and perimeter of any space or shape with a 99.98% rate of accuracy.

Further, the Plott Carta will calculate the amount of materials needed and the total cost of the project within the app.

Plott Carta

Carta takes measurements in yards, feet, inches, and meters. And, when you’re done measuring out the project, Carta can guide you back to specific real-world design points, allowing you to take accurate measurements for virtually any outdoor project. You can even share your project map and calculations with other collaborators easily.

The Plott Carta features IP54 protection, meaning that it can stand up to a little dust and moisture. It also features a holster to keep your phone secure while you work. A kickstand keeps the wheel upright.


You can pick up the Plott Carta Digital Measuring Wheel for around $199.99, either directly through the Plott webiste or through online retailers like Amazon.

For more information about the Plott Carta, click here .

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