Scag EVZ Electric Zero-Turn Mower

Scag EVZ electric zero-turn mower

Scag Offers Its First Electric Zero-Turn Mower to Pros and Homeowners

The Scag EVZ Electric Zero-Turn Mower represents the first battery-powered model in the company’s lineup. With that said, will Scag offer enough features and performance to justify the price for consumers and professionals looking to pick up an electric ZT?

Scag EVZ Electric Zero-Turn Mower: The Big Deal

The Scag EVZ Electric zero-turn mower uses brushless electric motors (3 on the cutting deck and 2 for the drive wheels) powered by a Vanguard 48V 5.0 kWh lithium-ion commercial battery. Scag claims you can get up to 5 acres per charge. Obviously, the conditions and type of grass will affect total runtime. Recharging takes approximately 5.5 hours, so plan for this to be an overnight charge.

Scag Electric Zero-Turn Mower battery

Notably, the Scag warranty address both commercial and residential users with different coverage, so the company seems to be aiming at both types of consumers with this mower. It has some professional features—like the color LCD screen, Vanguard battery, and Hydro-Gear ZT-2800e electric drive system. It also, however, comes with a spring-supported seat (no air ride), a maximum speed of just 7 mph, and a single 52-inch deck width option.

Scag EVZ mower LED lights

Additional Features

  • A Smartec by Hydro-Gear ZT-2800e electric drive system delivers smooth drive power and incredible maneuverability.
  • The Smartec D2e cutter deck motors provide strong cutting power, yet deliver maximum efficiency for extended run time.
  • LED lights
  • LCD display screen shows battery charge level, total hours of machine run time, and system diagnostics
  • Onboard Bluetooth capabilities offer remote troubleshooting through Smartec Connect and Smartec MyMow apps.

Scag EVZ Electric Zero-Turn Mower Price

Currently, we’re seeing an MSRP of $17,899 on the Scag EVZ Electric zero-turn mower. Scag also has some dealer-centric financing options. That’s a premium price to be sure—particularly given the competition from more consumer-oriented brands. Scag includes a 2-year commercial warranty on the EVZ or a 3-year/500-hour non-commercial warranty. The battery is covered separately.

Our Thoughts

If Scag expects to move into the premium residential or entry-level commercial space, this might get them started. Their strength, of course, is their dealer network. Hopefully, maintenance becomes less of an issue, and turnaround time on any repairs is kept to a minimum.

Lastly, if Scag expects to truly compete with products like the electric EGO 52-inch zero-turn mower and the Ryobi 80V zero-turn mowers, it needs to step up its game. They also potentially need to cut pricing by half. Until then, it has a very expensive option for consumers OK with the 5-acre, 7 mph limits this machine currently possesses.

Scag EVZ Electric Zero-Turn Mower Specifications

  • Model: SEVZ-52H
  • Battery: Vanguard 48V 5.0 kWh lithium-ion
  • Charger: Vanguard 1050W
  • Deck: 52-inch (foot-operated lift)
  • Cutting height: 1.5 to 4.5 in. in 1/4-in. increments
  • Drive: Smartec Hydro-Gear ZT-2800e electric
  • Smartec D2e cutter deck motors
  • Wheels (rear): 20-in.
  • Wheels (front): 11-in. casters
  • Speed (forward/reverse): 7/4 mph
  • Fuses: 3A, 5A, 70A, and 125A
  • Weight: 700 lbs.
  • Warranty (mower): 2-year commercial or 3-year/500-hour non-commercial
  • Warranty (battery): 3-year

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