Stihl KMA 135 R KombiMotor Ups the Power

Stihl KombiMotor Offers Pros a Powerful, Versatile Battery-Powered Multi-Task Tool

When we looked at the KMA 130 R KombiMotor , we made the observation that most Pros reach for a battery-powered system, not because it out-performs gas, but because it doesn’t use gas in the first place. The undergirding sentiment here is that to use battery power, you’ll just have to reconcile yourself with trading power for the emission-free and quieter convenience of a battery. The upgraded Stihl KMA 135 R KombiMotor, they tell us, offers “truly professional performance on par with gas-powered products”. So, in this case, Stihl seems to be making the case for this tool to compete with the power of gas.

Stihl KombiMotor Performance

It’s easy enough to claim that your battery-powered powerhead attachment system has the same sort of power as your gas-powered version of the tool, but what does that actually look like?

Stihl KombiMotor Close up

In this case, the 7.5-lb. brushless powerhead can work at a max speed of 8,500 rpm, with three different speed settings and a variable-speed trigger. Applying that sort of power to the BG-KM blower attachment gets you 480 cfm at 150 mph, resulting in 15 Newtons of force.

But it doesn’t just stop at the blower, the KMA 135 R can drive any of the attachments in the KombiSystem. The entire lineup looks like this:

  • BF-KM Mini-Cultivator
  • BG-KM Blower
  • FBD-KM Bed Redefiner
  • FCB-KM Curved Lawn Edger
  • FCS-KM Straight Lawn Edger
  • FH-KM 145º Adjustable Power Scythe
  • FS-KM Brushcutter
  • FS-KM Line Head Trimmer
  • FSB-KM Curved Shaft Trimmer
  • HT-KM Pole Pruner
  • HT-KM Shaft Extension
  • HL-KM Straight Hedge Trimmer
  • HL-KM 145º Adjustable Hedge Trimmer
  • HT/HL-KM CFK Shaft Extension
  • KB-KM Bristle Brush
  • KW-KM PowerSweep

See our article on the best weed eater attachment system to see what we thought about the top brands.

Feature Set

The Stihl KMA 135 R KombiMotor features, as you might expect, a battery slot that accommodates any of the Stihl batteries in the AR lineup. This tool can also work alongside Stihl’s battery belts or backpack batteries with the appropriate adapters.

The KombiMotor also features a variety of convenience features. For example, the multi-function control handle gives you easy access to all of the controls. An adjustable loop handle easily slides to where you need it (with 360º of rotation).

The Stihl KombiMotor also features a quick-release coupler to make switching between KombiSystem attachments faster and easier. This feature also lets you dismantle the system quickly for easier transportation. It doesn’t require any tools. The attachment plugs into the motor head, and you turn the thumbwheel to secure it into place.


If you’ve been in the industry for a while, you probably already know the deal with Stihl outdoor power equipment. But, for the uninitiated, this premium brand employs an à la carte sales system throughout a network of Stihl dealerships. That’s the long-winded way of saying that Stihl only sells the KombiMotor as a bare tool, with the batteries and attachments sold separately. It retails for $359.99.

For more information about how to locate your local Stihl dealership, click here .

Stihl KombiMotor Specs

  • Model: Stihl KMA 135 R
  • Powerhead Weight: 7.5 lbs
  • Max Speed: 8,500 RPM
  • Speed Settings: 6,200 / 7,700 / 8,500 rpm
  • Air Velocity with BG-KM: 150 mph
  • Air Volume with BG-KM: 480 cfm
  • Blowing Force with BG-KM: 15 Newtons
  • Price: $359.99 – Unit Only

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