Stihl MS 250 Chainsaw

Stihl’s MS 250 Chainsaw Gives Homeowners a Reliable Wood-Cutting Solution

If you rely on a fireplace to warm your home in the winter, having a stockpile of wood is a must. Plus, winter brings snow and all the cleanup that comes with it once that snow melts. The Stihl MS 250 Chainsaw can knock out two birds with one stone, encompassing everything you need for cutting firewood and maintaining your property. We wanted to know how this tried-and-true chainsaw has etched its name in the homeowner market to help with various woodcutting tasks.

Stihl MS 250 Chainsaw Basics

This chainsaw uses a 45.4 cc engine to drive a 3/8-inch RM3 chain on an 18-inch bar. If you prefer, Stihl also designed it to be compatible with a 16-inch bar.

The brand tells us that the MS 250 chainsaw was designed specifically for cutting firewood. It has a winter/summer shutter that keeps the carburetor at the optimum temperature for the season. That means when you’re cutting firewood during the cold winter months, it draws air from around the cylinder to provide extra warmth and prevent the carburetor from icing when working below 50°F.

There’s also a side-access chain tensioner that allows for better access to the chain using a bar wrench. This feature provides an advantage compared to the typical location of the guide bar adjustment screw. Along with the easy-access air filter cover, Stihl designed this chainsaw with ease of maintenance in mind.

Additional Features

  • Master control lever operates the choke, starting throttle lock, and power switch
  • Rear hand guard reduces the risk of injury, as well as provides a wide foot-placement area during starting

This chainsaw is also made in the U.S.A from American and foreign materials.

Stihl MS 250 Chainsaw: Why So Popular?

There’s no question that this chainsaw maintains its place in the garage or shed of many a homeowner. But what’s so special about it? Well, for starters, with the choice between a 16-inch or 18-inch bar and a 10.1-pound powerhead weight, this chainsaw provides everything you would need to maintain a larger property.

While it’s not as powerful as something like the MS 271 Farm Boss chainsaw, it’s significantly lighter and $80 less, which is a selling point many homeowners look for.

On the other hand, it’s more capable than Stihl’s less expensive models, and also provides more features than the MS 271 Wood Boss.

The MS 250 chainsaw balances performance, weight, features, and price in a way that entices homeowners who want an all-around chainsaw to maintain their property and cut firewood.

Stihl MS 250 Chainsaw Price

You can find this chainsaw selling for $399.99 at several local and online Stihl retailers. Stihl backs your purchase with a 1-year warranty.

For more Stihl content, check out our Stihl manufacturer page!


  • Model: Stihl MS 250
  • Bar length: 18 in
  • Powerhead weight: 10.1 lbs
  • Power source: Gas
  • Engine displacement: 45.4 cc
  • Chain oil capacity: 6.8 oz
  • Engine power: 3.0 BHP
  • Fuel capacity: 15.9 oz

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