October 21, 2021

Toro Infinity Series Sprinklers for Precision Turf Watering

Toro Infinity Sprinklers Feature

Toro Turf Sprinkler System Offers Precision with Infinite Possibilities

Toro claims that your irrigation system is only as precise as the component that directly applies the water to the turf. That’s why they’ve designed the Toro Infinity Series Sprinklers with the kind of features that deliver precise water application where it matters most. Toro also believes that the Infinity Sprinklers can save you time, minimize disruption, and create a superior playing experience on the golf or sports turf.

Get More Control Over Your Irrigation

The Toro Infinity Sprinklers come with several features to help you apply water with maximum precision.

Toro Infinity Sprinklers Action

These sprinklers feature a ratcheting riser that adjusts your left alignment in 5º increments with no disassembly required. You’ll just have to pull up the riser and ratchet it to the position you want to water. Other sprinkler systems, Toro claims, can only adjust in 16º increments and require disassembly.

You can also adjust the trajectory of the throw from 7º to 30º in 1º increments while the water is on. You can also adjust it from a full-circle pattern to a part circle spray pattern. In both of these situations, you can make your changes without disassembling the sprinkler or adding additional parts.

Toro offers a large selection of precision nozzles that throw anywhere from 25′ to 100′ radii. You can also choose from Main, Intermediate, and Inner nozzle options to dial in your precision based on your course conditions.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the Toro Infinity Series Sprinklers come with a Lynx Smart Module, which essentially amounts to. a miniature computer in the sprinkler head. This lets you set a specific amount of water to be applied that the computer can calculate down to the second via the Lynx Central Control System.

Easy Peasy

Traditionally, working on sprinkler systems has meant that you’d have to dig around the sprinkler heads to make any adjustments. Not only was this labor-intensive, but it could potentially cause scarring and hole closures. With Infinity, you can access all of the key components from the top of the head, including the wiring, solenoid, pilot valve, and pressure adjustments. It only takes removing three screws to open the sprinkler from the top, and you won’t need to shut off the water.

This cuts your sprinkler maintenance down from hours to mere minutes. Not only does this save you and your crew a lot of time, but it causes far less disruption for the players on your course.

Additionally, nozzle-based clutching makes hot spot watering easier. Instead of dragging a hose out to water the hot spots in your turf, you can manually flag the sprinkler on, adjust the trajectory, and hold the head in place to spray the water exactly where you need it.

Despite the ease of access and the ability to keep the water on, your internal components come protected against damage. The protective enclosure isolates wire splices from the soil and potential shorts to the ground. Toro also built the Lynx Smart Modules with surge protection to withstand tough lightning conditions.

Future Proof

Toro has also designed the Infinity Sprinklers to last through technological advances in turf care technology. What that means is that these sprinklers are completely backward and forward compatible with room to upgrade.

The Smart Access design lets you add features and enhancements for decades using just a screwdriver. Toro’s future-proofing means that you won’t have to reinvest in your sprinklers 5 or 10 years down the road.

As far as the Lynx Smart Modules go, you can update the software remotely using the Lynx Central Control. For elevating the sprinkler without digging, you can use the Infinity Razor Kit. These inserts can delay resetting the heads to grade by as much as 10 years. And, in areas where you want to eliminate sprinkler interference in high traffic areas, the Infinity Stealth Kit can eliminate any hard surface golf ball bounce, as well as removing any trip hazards.

Learn More

Toro claims that the Infinity Series Sprinklers, which has been the number 1 sprinkler system sold since its initial release in 2014, has seen its success due in large part to its forward-thinking design.

To learn more about the Toro Infinity Series Sprinklers, you can contact your local Toro distributor or visit the website by clicking here .

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