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Tow and Collect

Tow And Collect Takes The Dirty Work Out Of Cleaning Paddock Manure

Life on the horse farm sounds great at first… being able to sip on your coffee as you watch your horses frolic in the field from the comfort of your back porch. But in reality, horses are a lot of work! Our family boards and trains horses, and like so many other businesses, it’s been hard to find quality labor as of late. My father-in-law, Ed Dabney , decided to bring in Tow and Collect manure collectors to help with daily paddock cleanup.

How a Tow and Collect Manure Collector Works

There are a few different models to choose from, but they all keep the same basic principle: rotating brushes scoop up the manure into the internal collection bin. Depending on which model you choose, the brushes either rotate based on the momentum of the wheels or by using a gas engine.

It’s important to note the brush height before you use it, and there’s a height adjustment lever on the side to set it correctly. If you leave the brushes too low, the machine could smear the manure instead of collecting it, and the bristles tend to fold back. Too high, and it doesn’t pick effectively pick everything up. Ideally, you would want to lower the bristles so they’re sitting just above the ground.

You also want to pay attention to outside conditions when you go to collect the manure. You want it to be dry to get the most effective results, so try to plan accordingly if there’s any rain in the forecast. Wet manure can smear, although the bristles do spread it better than dragging a chain harrow.

When it’s time to empty out the collection canister, even the smallest model holds an impressive amount, so gas struts make it easier to operate the emptying lever.

Tow and Collect

Why Choose Tow and Collect Manure Collector?

Before he decided on Tow and Collect for manure collection, Ed looked carefully at each available option. Some were less expensive, but ultimately it came down to the higher-quality build offered by Tow and Collect. More of the components are metal and made of heavier-gauge steel. Durability was high on his priority list, so spending a bit more to get a longer service life was a no-brainer.

Before having access to a manure collector, one of the farm hands had to manually pick up the manure and collect it in a wheelbarrow. It was a two-day job to hit all of the paddocks and pastures, just to turn around and do it again.

The Tow and Collect, attached to a UTV, can cover the same area in just a few hours. Even walking along the fence lines to pull the manure into the collection path, the job takes half a day, at most. Whether you’re dealing with labor shortage or high labor costs, the machine has the potential to pay for itself in just a few months.

Tow and Collect Manure Collector Models

Tow and Collect Mini 700

The Mini 700 model is the smallest in the lineup. It uses the rotation of its own wheels to turn the bristles. This model has a 28-inch collection width and a capacity of 80 gallons. It’s ideal for a smaller property with 3 to 5 horses.

  • 28-inch collection width
  • 80-gallon capacity
  • Momentum-driven collection
  • Chain drive brushes
  • 310 pounds
  • 50mm tow coupling
  • Designed for properties with 3 – 5 horses

Price: $4495.50

Tow and Collect 1220

The 1220 upgrades the collection width to 48 inches and the collection capacity to 130 gallons. It’s ideal for medium-size properties with 6 to 12 horses. Like the Mini 700, this model uses its wheel rotation to turn its brushes. It’s also the largest engine-free model in the lineup.

  • 48-inch collection width
  • 130-gallon capacity
  • Momentum-driven collection
  • Chain drive brushes
  • 365 pounds
  • 50mm tow coupling
  • Designed for properties with 6 – 12 horses

Price: $6205.50

Tow and Collect 1500 Pro

Reaching the largest of the Tow and Collect models, the 1500 Pro is the only engine-driven system in the line. It has a 540-pound dry weight, so momentum alone wouldn’t be enough to drive the 60-inch brushes. It uses a Kohler CH270 7HP electric start engine to take care of the hard work.

  • 60-inch collection width
  • 160-gallon capacity
  • Kohler CH270 engine-driven collection (electric start)
  • Chain drive brushes with 2:1 reduction gearbox and clutch
  • 540 pounds
  • 50mm tow coupling
  • Designed for large properties

Price: $7915.50

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to save time and labor costs, these manure collectors are designed to take the dirty work out of collecting manure. They’re well-designed and made from high-quality materials to stand the test of time.

Ready to take the plunge? You can buy direct at Tow and Collect’s website . Use the coupon code ED DABNEY to save $50 on your order and let them know how his experience led you to their site.

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