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University of Florida Develops CitraBlue St. Augustine Grass

CitraBlue St. Augustine Grass Excels in Florida Climates

CitraBlue St. Augustine improves upon the St. Augustine turfgrass we’ve all grown up with in Florida and Texas. Developed by the researchers at the University of Florida turfgrass breeding program, this new breed of an old classic not only has a distinct blue-green color, but its heartiness makes it a compelling alternative for homeowners that want a great looking yard with less upkeep.

10-Second Summary

• CitraBlue St. Augustine Grass
• Blue-green color
• Exceptional shade tolerance
• Improved disease resistance
• Naturally weed resistant
• Improved drought resistance
• Reduced mowing frequency
• Commercially available since 2019 with more widespread availability coming in 2020


What are the Benefits of CitraBlue St. Augustine Grass?

CitraBlue St. Augustine features a unique shade of blue-green that stands out from other grass varieties. Like standard St. Augustine, it has a thick blade, but this variety has a fine texture, according to Sod Solutions .

However, the real benefit to the CitraBlue revolves around its general heartiness. It is resistant to gray leaf spot, large patch disease, and take-all root rot.

It also displays good shade tolerance, and with its dense canopy, resists weed growth. As it’s drought-resistant, it doesn’t require a whole lot of watering. Similarly, CitraBlue grass requires less frequent attention when it comes to mowing.



The easy-to-maintain CitraBlue St. Augustine grass has been commercially available since 2019, but this year it ought to see more widespread availability.

CitraBlue is available as sod and plugs. For more information, including how to purchase, install, or maintain this grass, contact Sod Solutions by clicking here .

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