Honda Stops Making Gas Lawn Mowers - Exits Market

Honda Stops Making Gas Lawn Mowers

In early October, Honda announced on the Honda dealer Interactive Network that it will stop making gas lawn mowers by September 2023. Honda will plan to sell its remaining inventory through 2024 until it sells out of stock. COVID Effect or Something Else? In March 2020, Honda Power Equipment suspended production at its Swepsonville, North […]

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Ariat WorkHog XT BOA Boots Review

Ariat WorkHog XT BOA Boots Review

Ariat WorkHog XT BOA Work Boots Meld Cowboy-styling with Modern Tech We’re always on the lookout for the best work boots, so we tend to pay attention to anything out of the ordinary. When I saw that the Ariat WorkHot XT cowboy-style boots feature a BOA Fit System, I couldn’t resist giving them a shot. […]

Michelin Tweel UTV Tire assembly

Michelin Tweel UTV Tire Launched for Fleet Market

We’ve watched the evolution of the Michelin Tweel tire technology for some time. One limitation had to do with the maximum load you could put on these wheels. To solve that, the 26X11N14 Michelin Tweel UTV tire adds 2.8 inches to the width. It also increases the load capacity by 608 lbs. That number tops […]

How A Chainsaw Oiler Works

How Does a Chainsaw Oiler Work?

When it comes to 2-cycle engines, lubrication is important. Without proper lubrication, the friction caused by your chainsaw chain moving across the guide bar causes excess heat and wear. This hot, metal-on-metal action damages the chain, the bar, and the engine. In fact, you can eventually break the whole chainsaw. Keeping that bar and chain […]

Replacing A Chainsaw Blade

How to Know When to Replace a Chainsaw Chain

Chainsaws can be finicky. Its job involves spinning a barbed chain at high velocity to rip and shred through logs. Between gas, oil, tension, and general wear and tear, your chainsaw needs a fair amount of TLC. The biggest area of concern—and one that arrives frequently—involves the chain. Many chainsaw users question how to know when […]

Exmark Electric Stand-on Vertex V-Series Mowers

Exmark Electric Stand-on Vertex V-Series Mowers

The Exmark Vertex V-Series represents the company’s first electric stand-on mowers. Targeting the commercial market, the new stand-on zero-turn lawnmower delivers the same durability and cut quality you expect from Exmark—but with a HyperCell battery-powered system. Editor’s Note: Check out the Exmark Adapt cutting deck adjustment system. Exmark Turns to Electric Hypercell Power System Exmark […]

Exmark Lazer Z X-Series Adapt controls

Exmark Adapt Cutting Deck Adjustment System

If you mow professionally, you know that adjusting the rake, or pitch, of the deck can aid cut quality or deliver optimal results when discharging grass. The Exmark Adapt cutting deck adjustment system promises quicker access to much-needed rake controls without leaving your seat. Exmark Adapt Deck Adjustment System Available on select 2023 Lazer Z […]

Chainsaw Maintenance

Chainsaw Maintenance Tips

We’ve been talking a whole lot about chainsaws around here lately, and it doesn’t look like today’s the day where we’re gonna stop. No sir, today’s all about chainsaw maintenance. Chances are, after you’ve dropped a couple of hundred bucks on a new chainsaw, you’ll probably want to take care of it. Here’s a list […]