March 7, 2021

Decked Truck Tool Box with Ladder

Decked Reimagines Truck Box Design with New Innovations

The truck toolbox design is one of those that has remained largely untouched for the last few decades. Decked specializes in storage and organization systems for trucks and vans. They took this tired design and breathed some new life into it. The Decked Truck Tool Box delivers a sleek and secure design that offers increased accessibility.

Decked Truck Tool Box Features

  • Constructed from polymer ASA and HDPE resins, steel, and aluminum
  • Waterproof construction with robust locking system
  • Integrated telescoping ladder nests beneath the lid
  • Comes with D-Box, a smaller modular tool box

Decked on Moving Truck Box Designs Forward

As a brand rooted in creating innovative solutions for working men and women, the Truck Tool Box was a natural evolution for Decked. Between updated, more durable materials and simple, creative features like the integrated ladder and a more secure locking system, we brought the traditional tool box into the 21st century.

Jake Peters, Decked General Manager

Key Features

It sounds like Decked talks a big game about innovation, so how have they improved the truck tool box?

They’ve started with material selection. The Decked Truck Tool Box is constructed from high-impact, injection-molded polymer ASA and HDPE resins. It then integrates anti-corrosion steel hardware and aluminum. A seamless design keeps water from creeping in. Decked also included a robust locking system to keep the tool box secure. The result is a sleek box that’s dent-proof, waterproof, rustproof, and secured against theft.

Decked Truck Tool Box with Ladder

With some diesel trucks providing significant height to the bed, you may have more trouble accessing a tool box. To solve this, the Decked tool box also features, as an option, its unique integrated ladder. This telescoping ladder nests under the lid. It folds out to give you easy access to the contents of the box without having to crawl through the truck bed to reach all the contents. It also does this without taking up much space.

Decked Truck Tool Box with Ladder

Finally, the Decked Truck Tool Box comes with a D-Box, a modular tool box that rests on the integrated hanging system. This feature adds some more organizational capability to the box so you can avoid digging through the depths of your truck tool box to find your most important tools.

Made in America

Decked Truck Tool Boxes, as well as the rest of the company’s offerings, are made almost entirely from recycled HDPE, aluminum, and steel. The company manufactures all of its products in the Midwest and assembles and distributes them from Defiance, Ohio. The Decked Truck Tool Box, with the optional ladder system, will be available from authorized dealers online and in-store.

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