Decked Truck Tool Box with Ladder Review

We thought we had seen all that a truck box could be. That all changed when we got a sneak peek at the Decked truck tool box with optional ladder. As someone who has climbed in and out of his truck bed many times to access a truck box, this design makes sense. You can access it directly from the ground without having to deal with stepping in or on anything you may have stacked in the bed. Would it look and function as well as steel and aluminum boxes? We wanted to find out.


  • Installs easily
  • Features sag-resistant metal-reinforcements
  • Easy-opening lid
  • Optional ladder makes access to gear much easier than other boxes
  • Many accessory options
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA


  • Not compatible with the Decked truck bed drawer system on shorter beds

Decked Truck Tool Box Key Features


  • Weight: 103 pounds (without ladder), 114 pounds (with ladder)
  • Storage: 9.82 sq. ft. (73.4 gal.)
  • Capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Dimensions (LxDxH): 76.1 x 22.3 x 20.6 in.
  • Height (above bedrail): 5.8 in.

Our truck box came with a small “snack” tray as well as a sliding tool tray. You can position it anywhere across the width of the tool box.

Decked Truck Tool Box drawers


Decked truck boxes differ from others in that they use torsion springs rather than gas struts to support the weight of the lid and aid in opening. This unique design allows for easy opening from either the driver or passenger side. It eliminates the need to reach towards the middle of the box or use a second hand. Simply press the release button and lift up on the side handle for smooth and effortless operation.

truck box side handle


The innovative integrated ladder option really sets Decked truck boxes apart from others. The ladder telescopes out from the box and extend away from the truck. This helps it avoid damage, and it reaches all the way to the ground. The base rung sections lock into place for secure footing, and the ladder has a telescoping range of up to 5 feet. Even with 20-inch wheels on a Ram truck, there is ample telescoping room remaining.

truck box with ladders

Collapsing the ladder is a simple process, the base rung sections need to be collapsed first and then the main section and finally it can be folded back into the box. The ladder is easy to collapse with two hands, and the bottom can be rested against the thigh while pressing both release buttons at the same time.

ladder stored in truck box

We think the ladder is a highly recommended addition. For someone of my height (over 6 feet), accessing the truck box from the side can be difficult, even with the wheels on my truck. Climbing into the bed is not an ideal option as it requires a big step up and my knees are not as strong as they used to be. The ladder makes accessing the truck box significantly easier and is worth the investment in my opinion.


Installing a truck box is a simple process. First, place the protective rubber pads on the bed of the truck, then set the box on top of them. The box comes equipped with four brackets that feature a V-shape on the bottom to fit underneath the rail sides and threading on the upper side to secure the box in place.

Decked Truck Tool Box Review

We installed the truck box on my Ram 1500 with ease, and there was ample space to access the underside of the box to secure the brackets. The process involved holding each bracket in place and running a bolt through a washer and into the bracket from within the box.

It required no drilling, and we completed the installation in a total of 15 minutes (with an assist by Tom Gaige). While it is possible to install the box alone, it is recommended to have an extra hand to assist with the process and ensure proper installation for both yourself and your truck’s safety.

Truck Tool Box mounting anchors

Decked Truck Tool Box Build Quality

When I first came across the truck box, I was skeptical about its construction using high-impact resin. But I later realized that this material has its own advantages, such as the ability to have more creative design options compared to traditional materials like steel or aluminum.

Decked Tool Box logo

The drawback of using resin is that it has a tendency to lose shape over time. However, the designers at Decked have taken a different approach and reinforced the structure of the truck box using galvanized steel and aluminum. This has addressed the issue of sagging and provided a more durable solution.

Truck Tool Box lid

In terms of environmental protection, the truck box is waterproof thanks to its lip overlap and EPDM gasket. The way the lid and tub are designed, it also makes it extremely difficult to break into, even with a pry bar. To add an extra level of security, simply engage the lock on the driver’s side.

Decked is confident in its construction and design and rates the truck tool box for a maximum load capacity of 500 pounds and offers a lifetime warranty. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the truck box, and all Decked storage systems, are proudly manufactured in the USA.

Can I Use The Decked Truck Tool Box With The Drawer System?

You can use the full-size truck box with Decked’s drawer system. However, you need to have a longer 8-foot bed. You don’t have enough clearance to use this truck box on shorter beds as the height won’t clear the drawer top.

Decked Truck Tool Box Price

The base full-size truck box we are reviewing has a price tag of $899. If you choose to include the ladder option, the cost will be $999. It is worth noting that Decked stands behind its product and offers a lifetime warranty for the truck box.

You can also buy any of an assortment of accessories to go along with your truck box, including the following:

  • Snack Tray: $20
  • D-Box Hanger Kit: $20
  • Tool Box Tie Downs (installs to the front base of the box): $25
  • Super Snack Tray: $30
  • Tool Box Tray: $30
  • Core Clamps (attaches gear to the front of the box—requires Core Trax): $55
  • D-Box: $60
  • Core Trax (attached to the front of the box and includes eye loops): $80

Decked offers a variety of other accessories that can be placed within the truck box or added to the drawer storage system. To see the entire range of options, you can visit their website by clicking here .

Order online or you can use Decked’s dealer locator . We actually found several within 30 minutes of our shop.

The Bottom Line

Initially, I had mixed feelings about the design of Decked truck box, but was uncertain about its high-impact resin construction. However, after installing it in my own truck, it is apparent that the execution of the concept is outstanding and it should last for as long as I own my Ram 1500, if not longer. Most importantly, the Decked Truck Tool Box effectively stores and secures my gear and provides me with easy access, far more than any other design I’ve used before.

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