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New Toro TRX Walk-Behind Trenchers

Toro Adds Two New Models To TRX Trencher Lineup

When it comes to digging trenches, Toro has you covered better than ever. They’ve introduced two new models to their line of walk-behind trenchers. Toro has designed both the new TRX-250 and TRX-300 for performance, serviceability, simplicity, and comfort.

10-Second Summary

  • Both models feature Intelli-Trench Tech
  • New hydraulic design requires fewer parts for simplified maintenance
  • Easy-to-learn differentiated traction controls
  • Enhanced boom lift function
  • TRX-250 equipped with 24.5 hp Toro engine
  • TRX-300 equipped with 26.5 Kohler EFI engine


Intelligent Trenching

The big deal with the new Toro TRX Trenchers is the Intelli-Trench technology. This upgrade optimizes the machine’s hydraulic flow for your particular digging conditions. It automatically diverts the hydraulic flow from the traction motors, providing more power for the trencher head. This results in a traction handle that you can hold in one place without needing to constantly adjust it. Consequently, you should be much less fatigued at the end of a hard trenching session. Intelli-Trench also decreases the track wear and makes for more efficient engine cooling.

The new Toro TRX Trenchers’ hydraulic design requires fewer components than previous Toro trenchers. The new design simplifies maintenance and reduces service needs.

These new Toro trenchers also feature differentiated traction controls that are easy to learn and use. As a matter of fact, if you’ve used any of the Toro trenchers before, you ought to be used to the valve handle and boom lift lever. You’ll also have independent traction controls for the left and right tracks. Also, the boom lift function has also been enhanced with a hydraulic valve that moves the boom arm up and down more smoothly.

Toro Productivity

“We’re always looking for ways to help our customers save time and maximize productivity. With these updates, we’ve taken the proven TRX design and made it even easier to use and maintain. The TRX has always had the advantage of a low center of gravity and a large footprint, which gives it excellent stability and maneuverability while minimizing damage to existing turf. The new models deliver those benefits and more.”

-Neil Borenstein, director of marketing at Toro

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The TRX-250 comes equipped with a Toro 24.5 hp V-twin engine. It offers a maximum forward speed of 2.4 mph. The TRX-300 comes with a 26.5 hp Kohler EFI engine and moves at a max forward speed of 2.3 mph. Both trenchers have a heavy-duty air cleaner. Both models are 82.5″ long, 33.8″ wide, and 46″ tall. They both have 4.3″ of ground clearance and a fuel capacity of 4.8 gallons.


Toro TRX-250 Trencher Specs

  • Engine: 24.5 hp Toro V-Twin
  • Flow: Trencher: 13.2 gpm (50.0 lpm) Traction: 16.2 gpm (61.3 lpm) Transport, 3.0 gpm (11.4 lpm) Trenching
  • Headshaft Speed: 210 rpm with 498 ft/lbs of torque
  • Hydraulic Oil Capacity: 6.3 gallons
  • Track: 5.9″ wide – endless nylon reinforced rubber track
  • Engine Oil Capacity: 2.5 quarts
  • Fuel Capacity: 4 gallons
  • Hydraulic System Pressure: 2,670 psi
  • Transport Speed: 2.4 mph/1.2 mph

Toro TRX-300 Trencher Specs

  • Engine: 26.5 hp Kohler
  • Engine Oil Capacity: 2.0 quarts
  • Fuel Capacity: 4 gallons
  • Headshaft Speed: 210 rpm with 498 ft/lbs torque
  • Hydraulic Flow: Trencher: 13.2 gpm (50.0 lpm), Traction: 16.2 gpm (61.3 lpm) Transport, 3.0 gpm (11.4 lpm) Trenching
  • Hydraulic Oil Capacity: 6.3 gallons
  • Hydraulic System Pressure: 2,610 psi
  • Length: 82.5″
  • Height: 46″
  • Width: 33.8″
  • Wheelbase: 23″
  • Weight: 1,114 lbs
  • Transport Speed: 2.3 mph/1.2 mph

For more information about the Toro TRX Trenchers, check out Toro.com .

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