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Bobcat Backup Camera Video

If you have the sort of job that places you in the operator’s chair of a skid steer, you’ve likely experienced the frustration that can come from the blind spots inherent in the skid steer design. With the engine placed directly behind the operator’s chair, getting an unencumbered lay of the land can prove difficult. Well, if you’re driving a Bobcat, this problem could become a thing of the past. There is now a Bobcat backup camera option for their new skid steers.


The Bobcat company has officially added a Voyager Rear Camera Kit to its stable of available options for skid steers. The kit includes a 4.3″ LCD color monitor, wiring harness, mounts, and tailgate camera.

How Will The Bobcat Backup Camera Work?

Like you might expect, it works just like any other backup camera, except that it activates when the ignition is turned on, and it runs continuously when in either forward or reverse gears.

The Bobcat backup camera has a 118° horizontal view and an 89° vertical viewing angle. The camera integrates right into the loader, and it will be available on just about every new Bobcat skid steer model.


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