Hilti Nuron TE 30-22 Cordless SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer

Hilti Nuron TE 30-22 Raises The Bar For SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Power

There’s no question Hilti knows concrete, so when the product teams set out to revamp its entire cordless system with Nuron technology, we were naturally curious what that means for rotary hammers. Looking at the high end of the SDS-Plus range, one of the big challenges was to rethink the TE 30 class and design the Hilti Nuron TE 30-22 rotary hammer.

Hilti Nuron TE 30-22 Cordless SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer | The Big Deal

We’ll get into some of the specific benefits of Nuron technology in a minute. For now, let’s take a look at some of the performance and design implications.

Looking at Hilti’s cordless TE 30 options, the previous model (TE 30-A36) is part of the 36V battery system. Nuron moves away from the 36V battery with one-battery and two-battery options using its 22V batteries. You might assume the Nuron version of the TE 30 uses two batteries, but it’s actually a single-battery effort. Moving the TE 30 from 36V down to 22V? That’s pretty bold.

Hilti Nuron TE 30-22 Cordless SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer

Even so, Hilti bumps up the power for the Nuron model, moving it to 2.8 ft-lbs and making it the hardest-hitting SDS-Plus rotary hammer in Hilti’s lineup—including corded models. While the full hammer drilling range is the same as the 36V TE 30-A36 (and corded TE 30), the optimal range moves up to 31/32-inch.

Compared to the TE 30-A36, there is a trade-off in speed. It drops from 850 RPM to 777.

Check out how the Nuron model compares to the corded and 36V TE 30 models:

Corded TE 3036V TE 30-A36Nuron TE 30-22
No-Load Speed1100 RPM850 RPM777 RPM
Impact Energy2.7 ft-lbs2.7 ft-lbs2.8 ft-lbs
Blow Rate4500 IPM4500 IPMNot Listed
Hammer Drilling Range5/32 – 1 3/32 in.5/32 – 1 3/32 in.5/32 – 1 3/32 in.
Optimal Range13/32 – 25/32 in.13/32 – 25/32 in.13/32 – 31/32 in.
Active Torque ControlNoYesYes
Active Vibration ReductionYesYesYes
Bare Weight9.3 lbs11.2 lbs11.5 lbs

Nuron Benefits

There are many benefits to Hilti’s Nuron system, and you can read more about them in our deep dive here. For now, here’s a quick list of what you can expect:

  • Beefier electrical connections, 21700 cells, and better cooling that leads to higher current potential and higher performance
  • Nuron batteries collect data from the tool and deliver it to the cloud when on a charger
  • Battery level indicator lights up when you pull the trigger
  • Battery health indicator

Additional Features

  • Drills faster through rebar
  • Quick release chuck available
  • Compatible with TE DRS-C or TE DRS-D dust extractor connectors

Hilti Nuron TE 30-22 Cordless SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Price

Hilti’s price on the TE 30-22 got our attention. As a bare tool, it’s $739 —just $10 more than the corded version and $250 less than the 36V model! Keep in mind Hilti has a 20-2-1 warranty program: a 20-year warranty, a 2-year free service, and a 1-day repair/maintenance turnaround.

Hilti uses an a la carte system, so you can build out your kit the way you want from there. Here’s a breakdown of the batteries and chargers:

Compatible Batteries

  • 2.50Ah (B 22-54): $84.00 each (not recommeded due to limited runtime)
  • 3.95 Ah (B 22-85): $114 each (not recommeded due to limited runtime)
  • 7.90Ah (B 22-170): $174 each (best balance of weight, performance, and runtime)
  • 11.85Ah (B 22-255): $204 each (best for long-duration applications)

Compatible Chargers

  • 91W (C 4-22): $39
  • 241W (C 6-22): $84
  • 350W (C4/36-350): $83.75
  • 4-Port 90W (C4/36-MC4): $174

Hilti Nuron products are available to order now and begin shipping in March 2022.

Hilti Nuron TE 30-22 Cordless SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Specifications

  • Model: Hilti TE 30-22
  • Power Source: Hilti Nuron 22V battery
  • No-Load Speed: 777 RPM
  • Impact Energy: 2.8 ft-lbs
  • Bare Weight: 11.5 lbs
  • Price: $739 bare

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